Sunday, November 30, 2008

Muslims no more...

As reported by BrooklynVegan, the San Diego post-punk group formerly known as "The Muslims" has now changed their name to "Soft Pack". I have to wonder, in this Obama age of progress, did liberal PC pressure get to them?

No matter, they still rock and are working on new material.

I had the chance to see them live this past summer, a great night which involved plenty of dancing, free Colt 45s, and secret flasks. Although they looked like a bunch of frat boys on stage, I really enjoyed their seamless blend of dreamy punk riffs with modern garage band-esque irony (if The Strokes and The Velvet Underground had an inbred bastard child, it might one day pick up a guitar and try to sound like The Muslims/Soft Pack). They had a lot of energy on stage and that natural charisma you can't deny. What I most love about them is that while a lot of indie groups are going in a more experimental or folksy direction these days, The Muslims/Soft Pack remind you that old-time-rock-and-roll is still relevant and, most of all, fun. While they still have some stuff to work out--name change included-- I'm excited to see what they'll come out with and am commanding you all to keep them on your radars!

Check out their new Soft Pack material here and listen to their jamming as The Muslims here.

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