Sunday, May 31, 2009

Girl Crush Du Jour

So, those of us over 15 know that the whole indie-kinda-geeky-yet-really-hot thing that Kristen Stewart has going on is completely manufactured by a dedicated team of PR specialists, studio honchos, and understated stylists. Not one of the Twilight rabid fans, I've had very little exposure to the fledgling star beyond her appearances on TV and in the media. Overall, she's generally painted into the corner of indie-up-and-comer, part of the new generation of slightly awkward, emo-influenced celeb lites that are striking a chord with the youth of America. Not a youth, my general response to this so far has been very little beyond "whack, son!".

How can you deny the endearing innocence of this moment, though?! The klutzy, clunky, teen girl within swooned for a minute, reminding me that somewhere inside us all lies a little awkward adolescent that likes to rear its clumsy head every now and then.

Kristen Stewart, you're winning me over. Keep up the good work!

This Is Not A Hellz Blog!

Believe it or not, this is not a Hellz Bellz Blog. Lanie doesn't pay us. We don't even get free shit. That doesn't stop me from gushing nonsensically about the glorious designs that female streetwear heavyweight Hellz Bellz drops each and every season. 

Entitled "So Lolita", the summer collection unleashes a new round of the creative, ironic T-shirts and tanks that have become standards for Hellz each season. Evoking irreverent humor and a playful, seductive spirit, the line expands beyond Ts. Cut-and-sew pieces include volume heavy bubble minis, intricately studded vests, suspender-inspired tops, and lightweight nylon jackets. From guns and plaids, to screenprints and girlie cartoon graphics, the collection's imagery stays true to Hellz' mission to create clothing for their independent, fashion-forward, and impossibly sexy fanbase.

Shot by Broke Nipar, and modeled by her flyness Julia Vaughn, I cannot praise the lookbook enough! Kanye West is already a fan, and the collection is receiving more than positive reviews on the net, touted as another stunner straight from Hellz! Check it out in its full glory at the newly launched Hellz Bellz website, and stay tuned for stockist updates soon.

More of my favorite sneak peaks below. Enjoy! 

Friday, May 29, 2009

Protect Yourself From the Heat

Original Asymmetrical Cazal 858's

Ridiculous heat, so fresh! Must have... if I had $500+ to blow.

Get it at Fruition

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Get Around...

First Claw Money, now the radically dope Betsey J ! 

Check out the third link in her Noteworthy 05.18.09 post-- it's M.I.S.S's Fashion Meets Film column authored bi-weekly by none other than yours truly, Gee Money! 

Blowin' up son, me and all of my devoted 7 readers are headin' to the top! 

I Own!

If there's one thing that I do consistently, and have been doing consistently since I was about 14, it's shopping. Along the way, I've picked up some pretty funky items, and some really unique pieces. I've decided to create a periodical column to share some of my best purchases with you guys, my readers, just because keeping my best purchases to myself is too boring at this stage.

Anways, first installment... I bought this vintage tooled leather purse from Screaming Mimis, near St Marks Street, in NYC. The bright, candy-colored painted on flowers combined with the intricate Aztec-esque detailed carvings on the front and under the flap really drew me to the bag, and I'm so happy it's mine!




On same said shopping trip, I also scooped up a dope pair of vintage shades at Eye Candy by Ron Caldwell. Not my first time in the tiny boutique, I always have an amazing time in there checking out the insane, off the wall vintage shoes and hats they stock--authentic-high-as-hell platforms from the 70s! pillbox Jackie O hats! The owner, an Andy Warhol coifed dude with a fantastic voice, informed me that the pair of glasses I was coppin' were the same pair (or same style at least) that Ellen Page rocked in everyone's favorite preggers teen flick, Juno. How ill! If you're ever in New York, I definitely recommend a trip to Eye Candy, just for the wildness that is bound to unfurl!


Lastly, after all that vintage scouring, I made a stop at my Secret Store and picked up this really cute woven scarf.



All in all, a good days' worth of purchases! I was pretty damned proud of myself...

I'll keep updating you guys on all the great shit I blow my hard earned money on... and I'm sorry about the bad pics, but I promise they'll get better!

Rosie 2.0

Rosie the Riveter was always one of my childhood heroes. In fact, I had a gargantuan poster of her hanging on my room wall up until I was in 7th grade, as a reminder that women are overall just as fierce, if not fiercer, than nearly all men.

Imagine my sheer delight when I saw that one of my favorite clothing outposts, The Brooklyn Circus, had posted a mini editorial of a modern day Rosie, decked out in BKc digs and riding a tricked out custom low-rider. I am feeling the subtle recreation of Rosie's look while still keeping the overall feel both contemporary and hip. Brilliance as usual, we've come to expect no less from the BKc!

If you're diggin' it, check out their store on Nevins St in Brooklyn. They also have shops in San Fran and Chicago. Don't forget to visit The Brooklyn Circus online!


I found this pic of the now-kaput hip hop royal couple, Nas and Kelis, online, coupled with some disturbing rumors regarding the demise of their marriage. Gossip would indicate that the wedded ones split due to Nas cheating on a 7-month-preggers Kelis. I hope the gossip ain't true, because that would be a sad way for the prominent, tastemaking couple to go out. They truly were hip hop royalty, RIP Nas and Kelis and everything their free-spiritied, hip-hop-hood-love stood for.

(Via Bossip)

Fashion Blue Balls

Hellz Bellz loves to be a fashion tease-- they've released just one sneak peak shot of their upcoming Summer 09 collection! The guns are sick, I NEED this in my life this very instant! Lanie is always keepin' it fresh, and I'm sure she won't disappoint with her upcoming cycle of fashion forward designs!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Rockin' the Blazers

We know these have blown up all over the net already...

But get our girl, Princess Rhi Rhi, looking fresh to death in a Keith Haring jacket and some limited edition Purple Suede SB Blazers. The kicks are beautiful-- I want a pair really badly!

Not feeling the hair though, but our girl always comes correct!

Low Ridin'

How gangster is this newly released Fendi bicycle? At the low low price of $9,500, you too can wheel around town in style, complete with leather GPS holder and leather and fur saddlebags!

Fendi, what is you smokin?!

Damn Sure Ain't Nothin' Like a Brooklyn Girl!

Shortie's got a mean hook! So gangster...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Claw Shouts Us a Holla!

Guess who just got a shout out from the lovely Claw over @ Blogue? I guess she loves the Nike Gladiators as much as we do...

Things are pickin' up, all 7 of my readers! We're making the climb to the top!

Dudes Get Play Off Looking Like Travis!

The ladies over at HighSnobette just posted this ridiculously adorable photo of Katy Perry and her beau Travie McCoy getting cozy at The Life Ball earlier this week.

Travis is cute. Katy is cute. End of story.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Anna's Playpen

Ahhh. A room only legends have told of! It's been written about, gossiped about, and was even a major part of an episode plot line of Sex and the City. It's the cotton candy that dreams are made of, feast your eyes the Accessories Closet at Vogue!

When I interned at Glamour's Accessories Department for a semester, I thought that was amazing. At least I thought that for the first 1.5 weeks. But the more I wrapped up shoes from the PR Co.s and unpacked handbags coming back from shoots, the luster of designer handbags and jewels wore off...

Despite that, I would love a playdate in this closet! Conde Nast, hook it up yo!

Gladiators: Take Two!

Good news for all the ladies out there that can't get enough of the swoosh, but are craving some sandals for the summertime... Colette is now carrying the super stylish Nike Gladiator sandals, possibly inspired by the Nike Remix project, for spring. Priced at 80.00 Euros (roughly $110), the Womens Gladiator Mid will definitely be a head-turning, practical addition to any fly chick's summer wardrobe. Enjoy ladies!

(Via HighSnobette)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Black Cameo

The Stylee Friday column on the Fader blog recently did a very interesting profile on Coreen Simpson, designer and champion of the very first Black Cameo broaches, which became immensely popular in the 1980s.

While working as a freelance fashion photographer, Simpson began taking design courses at Parsons School of Design, soon releasing a small collection of jewelry and other knicks-knacks which she sold at street fairs across the city. Gaining a small following, her creativity really kicked off when a client brought up Chanel's new line of cameo broaches. Lamenting that the classic Italian broaches never featured black women, Simpson decided to change that. When her line of intricately designed broaches debuted at the Studio Museum of Harlem in the winter of 1990, they sold out almost immediately and became the new trend du jour with fashionable Black women throughout the city.

When asked what the importance of style meant to her, Coreen had a very insightful response that touched on the idea that fashion is more than just frivolous materialism:

"Clothes and jewelry have always been very important to me in observance of how people present themselves because that’s empowerment. Everything I do is about self-presentation and empowerment. You know why it’s so important? Because even people who have very little can control how they present themselves to the world. If you have no money, no nothing, you can throw on a scarf, put your hat to the side and walk out in to the street and feel good. It’s style."

The idea of overcoming economic disenfranchisement with an artistic, visual method of self-presentation really takes us back to the idea that fashion is mode of artistic expression. I admire the interviewer for getting this out of Coreen because it connects fashion to a force higher than materialism, which is what it represents more so these days.

Besides being a fashion designer, Simpson is more recognized for her work as a freelance fashion and nightlife photographer. Chronicling Harlem's fierce underground fashion communities and nightclubs in the late 70s and 80s, she was able to capture a plethora of styles and characters--both famous and just plain amazing--which will be released this May in her book The Black Cameo. Check out some of the shots from her book below, and read the rest of the interview on the Fader blog.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

"I'll Take Your Head Off Too!

I'm probably late on this but... AMAZING!!!!

Polyvore Madness

Recently, the lovely ladies of M.I.S.S asked their contributers to do a little something on Polyvore. More for the visually inclined, I initially feared using the collage-based fashion website because I consider myself to be more of a wordsmith than a master of mixed images. However, facing my fear, I logged on and found out that it was actually a lot of fun putting together items, backgrounds, and various images to form a complete layout similar to what you'd see in fashion glossies such as Vogue (ok... so maybe not Vogue, but at least I tried!). The process was a pleasure and look out for the results to debut soon on M.I.S.S. I'll probably also be setting up my own unique account, and will perhaps publish some of my devious designs on here if you all show love! 

On a side note, collage-making sites such as Polyvore remind me of the fact that a layout is pretty much just a glorified scrapbook. But I mean that in a really good way! Despite the fact that as a fashionista, you might worship the skillful shots of your favorite shoes or relish in the magnificent landscapes, keep in mind that a layout is essentially a collection of items that inspire the creative team, arranged in way that causes them to peak at visual orgasm. So while it may look incredibly difficult, I'm thankful that sites like these are helping us see that it's not as hard as we would have thought to collect our inspirations, arrange them artfully, and publish them for the visual world at large. 

Do any of you have Polyvore accounts that I can stalk? Let me know! 

Reeboks Done Up

Kid Sister Reebok Classic Remix 30 Sec. Video Spot from reebokclassicremix on Vimeo.

I'm not much for her music or her new track "I'll House You" but Kid Sister is just too adorable! Check her out in this press release video, and read more about her collaboration with Reebok for their Classic Remix Campaign over at my other home on the web, M.I.S.S. 

Friday, May 15, 2009

Get Familiar

Cat Power- He War

I just wanted to remind everyone that Cat Power is extremely talented and amazing. Her voice is haunting, and her lyrics are penetrating. Enjoy the weekend, and give her a listen! 

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ain't It the Truth!

Mirror Mirror, Who's the Fairest?

For those of you uneducated minions who are not familiar, rap superstar duo The Clipse (famous for their collaborations with... everyone! These fools guest star on tons of tracks!) recently unleashed a clothing line, entitled PlayCloths. In their third season, the line is a collection of progressive streetwear for the fellas, drawing inspiration from the "childhood notion of having clothing designated for school and play". With the release of their Summer 09 Collection, the designing duo focuses on a solid, whimsical collection of travel inspired menswear. Items such as subtly printed safari shorts, crisp checkered button-downs, and nicely tailored polos give a bit of a boost to the brand's already established collection of whimsical T's.

Taking it to the next level, though, are the accessories. The modern man is indeed fashion forward, but damn! PlayCloths is bringing the heat, with silk scarves, ostrich-inspired wallets, and a duffle bag that'd make any dope boy fresh... I'd rock this dufflebag for traveling, or just for running the streets... Peep some more detailing below, and check out the rest of the Summer collection on the PlayCloths Blog.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Doin' it Mark Whalberg Style

Bun B - Keepin' Air Yeezy's Clean from on Vimeo.

Too silly for words! Bun B-- doin' it well!

Foot Fetish?

One of my favorite blogs/shopping site, NastyGalVintage, just did a profile on an interesting new trend that is giving a kick of artistic expression--quite literally-- to your favorite heels. Shoe accessories are making a comeback, from the big and bold to the small and intricate. Companies such as Boos & Besitos and Posso the Spat are paving the way for shoe jewelry such as oversized, slocuhed socks, attachable corsage tie ons, and shin guards to make a statement again. I am personally feeling this trend, as it's a fairly simple way of providing punch to an outfit, and an even simpler way of making a funky transition from day to night.

Check out a pic of my favorite shoe ornament below, and peep the rest over at NastyGal.

This is Ladies' Night...

What's the time? Time to get Ill... Get ya groove on!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gladiator Fierce!

I fucking love these!

Buy them here.

Monday, May 11, 2009

What's the Fascination with young 20-somethings?!

Trailer for the new Woody Allen film, Whatever Works, starring Larry David and Evan Rachel Wood.

I love Woody, but this looks weak, very weak.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Big Ups!

Big up to all The Ladies First doin' their thing around the world-- moms, aunts, sisters, and women working hard for theirs everywhere! The Ladies First salutes strong minded, fierce-hearted women everywhere... You goooo girls!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Elizabeth and James x Steve Madden

Elizabeth and James, the namesake line of fashionista twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, has just released preview images of their upcoming fall collaboration with mid-priced retailer Steve Madden. The line, which will NOT be sold at Steve Madden stores, will feature a talented design and production team assembled by Monsieur Madden, while the Olsens will retain their vision with positions as Creative Director and VPs of Design. In muted tones and featuring simple designs, the collection in a practical, mid-priced range of basics that will last for seasons to come. My favorite by far are the "Edge" cage sandals, which come in both black leather and muted brown suede-- simple and cute! Not so much feeling the moccasins though. Check out the rest of the collection below, and pre-order the rest on

(Thanks to Nitrolicious for pics)