Monday, August 31, 2009

JS Video Lookbook!

JEREMY SCOTT web video thingy... Dir. NABIL from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

Behold the video lookbook for Jeremy Scott's Fall 09 Collaboration with Adidas. Directed by music vid afficionado Nabil, and featuring groovy world music from the likes of Santigold, M.I.A, and The Very Best, the short clip shows off Scott's technicolor tunics, lion-screenprint sweatsuits, and globe print dreses.

This is one gnarly video lookbook certainly worthy of J Scott's greatness! I am really feeling the idea of the models jumping in and out of each different frame-- literally, cartoon drawn frames. Moments of it remind me of the cartoons of my youth, a la some Looney Tunes "Be vewwy quiet, we're hunting fow wabbits" stuff, while other moments are completely cutting edge and futuristic. All of this within 30 seconds. Brilliant, as usual.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Kids Love Amanda Blank

I hate the fact that Amanda Blank is so fucking mainstream these days that even 15 year old boys in Shitsville, Wisconsin are jacking off to her late night on the web. That used to be an exclusive Brooklyn thing!

But that black lipstick is so beyond rad I can't even process.

Vested Interest

You better WORK that wannabe-edgy look, girl!

Loving the bangles, vest and shoes. Hair is on point. Jeans not so much.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Partay Hartay

Come celebrate the last C’est Noir with
Royal Music, Royal Legends, Royal Hearts

The Royal Underground

All the true Royal Street Hearts shall be there

“Loyalty is Royalty, Unity is Destiny”

Doors open @ 10 p.m.
Please arrive early
Happy Ending
302 Broome st.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hellz CLASS and PROJECT Preview

My fashion boo, Hellz Bellz, has just released a couple of preview pics from their Spring '10 collection, which they will be previewing at the CLASS Trade Show in Santa Monica this weekend, as well as at PROJECT in Vegas in early September.

How inspiring are these pieces? Edgy, feminine but punky. Wear with heels, wear with Docs... even rock this shit barefoot and you'd still look hot as hell! I am really feeling that draped, slashed dress and the biker shorts. And can we dialogue for a minute about the Hellz Harem

GOD! I need a cigarette...

Nine Lives: Dimepiece Fall 09

I know these are already all over the interwebs, shit, I even wrote about the preview pics for my other home on the net M.I.S.S., but hot damn! The Dimepiece Fall '09 preview pics are straight crack! The lookbook features the stunning Diddy-twitter-topic-of-the-moment Cassie in a variety of fall items ranging from acid wash jeans to dresses and signature Ts. Shot by Brooke Nipar and styled by Around The Way Girl Rose Garcia, the collection, known simply as Nine Lives, evokes a rockabilly and glam rock aesthetic that I have personally always been a super huge fan of. Based off a primarily black-and-white color palate, the streetwear label described the collection as a "conceptual metaphor for the right to interchange your role in any way you please". Whether you choose to be a sexy New Wave influenced bad girl one day or a Grunge inspired pixie the next, Dimepiece has got you covered.

This right here is the reason that I love Dimepiece! They design exactly what the female market needs. Items that are of quality (their Ts are soft as butta) and extremely cutting edge and on-trend. Yes, a bodysuit is certainly fashion forward. But a bodysuit featuring Barbie-head print? FUN! If I'm taking a risk, I do want it to be cheeky and edgy, but more importantly something that will ultimately make me chuckle.

Don't take fashion too seriously. Buy Dimepiece.

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Baby Girl Better Known as Aaliyah

Aaliyah with Best Friend Kidada Jones

It's been 8 years today since the passing of the timeless beauty Aaliyah, and it still effects me just as much as it did that August day. Her tomboy swag was the perfect compliment for an inner and outer beauty so powerful it was only outmatched by her honey-smooth sultry voice.

The wonderful people over at The Fader have made a two-part Aaliyah tribute mix from DJ Caps available for free download as a tribute to Baby Girl's stunning, if all too short, discography.
Download here.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Words That People Use. And I Hate.

With the advent of blogs, proper diction has basically become a fond memory of a yesteryear that includes POGS and Rolling Stone issues that were actually relevant. Descriptive words are no longer in demand. I mean, who gives a fuck about words like "retrospect" or "stunning" when you have replacements as suitable as "LOLZOMGEEZIES" or "ROFLFMLDUDEZ". Srsly!

Keeping all of this in mind, I've composed a list of internet-popular words that everyone seems to *heart* using, and a compilation of all the various reasons why I hate said words.

Every time I use this word, I feel like a 5 ft tall version of Arnold Schwarzenegger squeezing on some political reporter's poor unsuspecting buttocks. Squeezing tightly. Basically, it makes my stomach churn major cookies.

I can just picture the Keds-wearing morons who came up with this cunning combo. They got way too high and sat around with a loaf of brie that would have tasted so much better if they had warmed it just 42 seconds longer. One of the brie-inhaling morons somehow managed to use the word "cluster". Someone else said "fuck". And then, a dim light bulb went off. They all looked at each other, then texted their friends. And thus, "clusterfuck" was born.

Ok. I get it. You don't like something. But do we really need to waste solid capital letters on you whining about how "EPICally" you hate something? How over-dramatic can you be?

Using this word reminds me of being at a 6th birthday party, watching the clown that was supposed to make your little brother laugh instead cause him to wet his pants. In fear. Thank the hipsterrunoff for this one.

Obama in the White House is cool. Obama on your limited edition snowboard, which cost 400 bones, is not.

If you haven't realized this list is totally ironicz and sarcastic, being that I use all of these words about 50-ba-jillionz times a day, then... OMG. Get a life dude!


Sophmore Sample Sale

Fuck being a smart recession shopper, because Sophomore is having a sample sale! You know you want in... so do it!

My Hunny

Here's my original girl crush, the cute-as-apple-pie (after you've smoked a bowl or two) Zoe Kravitz, at the I Heart Charlotte Ronson party.

What's not to love?! Down to earth and stylish... this is an ensemble any girl would wear.

Still loving her!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hipster Fest Weekend

Holy Bikes in the Kitchen, Batman!
I think everyone's going to be there. Including my mom.

I'm not even kidding about the whole my-mom part.

He Knows

I think I've mentioned it a couple of times on the good ol' blog here, but when I'm not writing about irrelevant things to distract you from your workday, I'm myself am working! And my 9 to 5 job is in the business of making movies.

I used to like my job. I used to like it a lot. But, like any job it gets boring if you don't have a real zest for it. So, I began to hate it. Hate it a lot. I think what put the nail in the coffin was Scary Movie 5. Srsly movie making business? Do I really want to work in an industry that thinks we need a Scary Movie 5? So, I started writing online. Partly because I love writing, but mostly because online is the only place that would accept my writing. So far, writing has been going pretty good. And in this future, there is no Scary Movie 5 looming in the distance. I still work in movie making, but the more I explore online, I realize that I want to make movies for the online set, about the designers and the products and the bands that move my world.

Here's an interview with a guy that's totally inspiring me to achieve the above mentioned. Levi Maestro has been producing his own online show Maestro Knows for 2 seasons now, and it's kind of a big deal. A really big deal. Because he basically films his life, his skating, even his eating. And he edits it himself and makes it look REALLY good. I guess the best way to put is that watching his show makes want to make my own show, and makes me miss In N Out Burgers really badly.

Watch StreetLevel's interview with Maestro below. He knows!

StreetLevel Knows Maestro from streetxlevel on Vimeo.

Break Up: The Remix

The remix of Mario's "Break Up" just dropped recently. Nicki Minaj's verse is so good it's making me retarded. Even more so than I was before. That's when you know it's good.

Listen to it here!

(Via The Fader)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Agyness Deyn Stole My Outfit!

I own that exact Joy Division shirt! And those stupid flowered Keds!

Bitch stole my outfit!

(Via Jezebel)

90s Dance Jams for the Drunkards

Sorry for posting a bunch of videos lately, but it's what's been inspiring me lately so buzz off if you don't like it!

Remember that late 90s dance R&B thing? You know what I mean. The 1998 junior high semi-sexy jams they played at your middle school dance while you and your girls danced in your little three-person circle with your girls, fending off all inappropriate male intruders? No? Maybe that was just me... Anyway, I was out the other night and heard one of the songs-- KP & Envy's "Shorty Swing My Way", and it inspired a whole drunken garlic knots fueled exploration of late 90s post-girl-group dance songs. Here are the findings:

KP and Envyi



This chick had the game on lock with the around-the-way-girl-trying-to-get-her-man-to-notice-her- R&B. It was serious.

(watch this one till the end to spot a Lil Jon cameo!)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

You Can Tell What Movie I Saw This Weekend...

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a fine actor. I've been impressed by the guy since Brick, mostly because as an actor, he tells real stories in a very real way. Yet there is always something in his performance that alludes to the unreal, as in holy-shit-this-guy-is-so-good-it's-unreal. He understands when to go big, and when to make something so small that as an audience, we can see a lifetime unfold in one small gesture.

Plus, he's also very easy on the eyes. Swoon.

I loved his new flick, 500 Days of Summer. Go check it out!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Flashback: Rump Shaking...

It's finally starting to feel like summer in NYC and what better way to honor that then with a feel-good jam? Sure, it's just a bunch of girls shaking their rumps in bathing suits, but somehow I don't feel as bad when the Wreck n Effect boys do it!

Must Be the Reason Why I'm King of My Castle...

Crooks and Castles Womens

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hellz Bellz Fall 09: Style Warriors

My fashion boo Hellz Bellz always makes me smile, and I sure am grinning with the release of their new Fall 09 lookbook.

Cleverly called Style Warriors, the Fall 2009 Delivery 1 collection is a sophisticated presentation of Amazonian inflected pieces. This season's color palate includes darker tones such as a rich elephant grey, navy and red, as well as neon yellow and fuchsia. Featuring traditional pieces in trendy cuts, such as the cropped sweatshirt, and inspirational new designs such as the button up shirt-dress with a whimsical tribal print, the collection stakes new ground without abandoning the practicality and comfort you've come to expect from Hellz.

Every piece is as funky as it is wearable. A zip-up sweatshirt becomes durable high-fashion when given the Hellz treatment-- a graphically interesting layout and a stunning color palate. From the Ts to the polka-dotted tribal leggings, each garment is something that I can see myself working into my day-to-day wardrobe. Paired with more extravagant items for a night out on the town, or toned down with a simple top for the workweek, Hellz Bellz continues to impress me with their dedication to spicing up a woman's style foundations.

Shot by the talented Brooke Nipar and styled by Radio Rose, the collection is available now on their website and will hit stockists within the coming weeks so be on the alert! Head over to the Hellz blog to check out the rest of the lookbook.

A Rose By Any Other Name

Amber Rose for Complex Magazine

She's starting to grow on me, in a really good way. Never has bald been so beautiful!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This One Goes Out to All the Cool Kids, Apparently

Oh those crazy Mishka kids! The hipster apparel heavyweight is teaming up with VICE to bring you their guide to all things cool. In other words, it's a party featuring a bunch of bands that I couldn't give two shits about.

But there's free Colt 45, so that kinda makes up for... everything.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Made Me X Diplo

Made Me's having a party... and I'm invited!
Diplo and Ni** Sky will be spinning, holla at ya scholar if you'll be in the building!

Kelly Bundy Is a Babe (Says PM Dawn)

Once upon a time, in a suburb far far away, lived a blonde bimbo with teased hair that fufilled every man's dreams. With hair as gold as Van Halen's best-selling albums, and a skirt as short as her attention span, the princess ruled the male student body with a steady stream of "accidental" upskirts and her own unique brand of dim-witted charm. Who was the girl who had it all you ask?

Kelly Bundy

With fashion trends taking a turn towards the 90's grunge metal worst (or best, depending on how nostalgic you're feeling), it was only fitting that we pay tribute to the Married with Children hottie who inspired the wardrobe behind many a Cobra Snake snaps. Kelly, the ultimate trailer trash babe, had a style her own consisting mostly of multiple pairs of ripped jeans in various degrees of acid wash, topped with belly baring bustiers or cropped bra tops. Her obsession with all things tight was apparent with each bright spandex bandage dress she donned, accenting the minis with biker-style chain belts. Short was another obsession not far behind--her dark floral print babydoll dresses were as teeny tiny as could be and were often complimented with a pair of Doc-style boots. But heels were really more of Kelly's forte and she was comfortable rocking the highest of black pumps. Leather and velvet were her main squeezes, and if she wore flannel, you better believe it was knotted to showcase her midriff in all its glory! Bold silver cross and star pendants were all a part of the rocker-chic accessories package, as were the western-inspired studded bracelets. Top it all off with dark lips, darker eyes, and the baddest (but in a good way) roots I've ever seen, and you have one 90s bombshell who we refuse to close the book on!

Check a few more style snaps of K Bundy below. And of course you know I had to throw in PM Dawn's Set Adrift on Memory Bliss with it's so-quick-you-might-miss-it nod to Miss Applegate.

And so closes the end of this 90s fairy tale...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Violette: "Fangs of New York" Video Lookbook

A couple of weeks ago on my other home on the interwebs, M.I.S.S, I penned a gushing little ditty about director and designer Vashtie Kola, touching briefly on her uber successful fashion line, Violette. Cut to early August and Va$htie is back at it, dropping the video lookbook for the line's Summer 09 collection (I guess better late than never right?). Cunningly dubbed Fangs of New York, the collection of T's and tanks is chock full of simple designs emblazoned with the brand's signature "V"'s. Horizontally, vertically and chopped and screwed, Violette's revolutionized the logo T, taking it from bland to bold. Check out the video lookbook below-- great photography by 13th Witness, styling by Elle Clay, and editing/video work by the Queen B Miss Va$htie herself!

Friday, August 7, 2009

This Shit is Scary

Flashback Friday

I had to post this Simple Minds classic track, the theme from the John Hughes piece de resistance, The Breakfast Club. Released in 1985, it skyrocketed the band to American fame and resulted in the recording of their wildly successful record Once Upon a Time, even though it was a sell-out piece of commercial fluff.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Just Keep It On the Down-Low


A Wang! Why must you tease me so with your perfectly smart creepers! A pointed toe, tassled detailing and the sexiest buckled cross-strap. Oh, and don't think your subtle quilting at the tippy-top went unnoticed!

Major shoe crush. Swoon.
Buy the creepers here and die happy.

Try a Little Tenderness: RIP John Hughes

Director and writer John Hughes, who basically defined the way anyone under 30 thinks about the teenage experience in America, died today at the age of 59.

I wrote one of my favorite thesis papers from my college years on the director and his unique portrayal of adolescent women in film. His strength at creating characters that became the prototype for modern teen life will not be forgotten, and I salute him with one of my favorite scenes from Pretty in Pink. Enjoy and RIP John Hughes.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Gaia Tries Taming Nature

Baltimore bred street artist Gaia just released a superb short video piece, Taming Nature, chronicling a day in the life of an unforgettable public defacer.

With most of his pieces based on simple head forms in large irregular shapes, Gaia's linocut works have already appeared in galleries such as Ad Hoc, and on the streets of BK, Chicgao, and Wham City. Gaia is part of the burgeoning new class of street artists who, unlike their predecessors, aren't above "selling out" by having their work displayed in galleries. Although street art is in large part a fundamental reclaiming of the public space, newcomers like Gaia are also viewing their street masterpieces as valuable self-promotional tools. While in the past graffiti artists preferred pseudonyms and tags, the evolved class, including Gaia, prefer to emblazon their names in full detail on their work so that gallery owners can take notice. Regardless of whether or not Gaia and others like him are selling out, the work speaks for itself-- good stuff! Check out more on his flickr stream.

(Via Juxtapoz)

Thirsty Tuesdays

Tomorrow is only Tuesday, but I already need to get completely wrecked... Go out and party!