Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm Taken

I'm having a fashion meltdown! We all know that I have a bit of a crush on the genius that is Hellz Bellz . But it just got a bit more serious. Taking-it-to-the-next-level serious. We're talkin' going steady status.

Hellz has just released some preview images from the upcoming accessories collaboration with Miss Wax Jewelery and I am in love! Seriously, can anyone or anything else honestly make me as happy as Hellz does?! I sincerely doubt it.... Count down to the collection debut in November 09.

18 gram two-finger knuckle ring with heavy (1 micron) gold plating

laser-cut fiberglass-reinforced plastic earrings

To Infinity and Beyond...

Holy Rockers NYC, Batman! The streetwear clothing label notorious for their beyond bright colors and thoughtful prints has just released images from their upcoming collaboration line with God's Prey. Bearing the name Infinity's End, the voluminous designs are unisex in nature and feature prints of a slightly more sophisticated nature. Although the colors are still every bit as vivid as Rockers' palate, the cuts and materials used are decidely more conceptual and mature. Designs like roomy harem pants, smart batwing dresses, loose printed tanks and a hooded jacket I am lusting hardcore for are all a step up, design wise, than the company's typical Ts. Look for the line to release in the Spring of 2010, and view the rest of the line below.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

List of Things That Should Be Ruling Your Universe

Lists are fool proof entertainment. For retards. I know this to be true because I LOVE lists! And you should too... Check out this list of a bunch of awesome shit that needs to be ruling your universe now!

Sonia Sotomayor
She is one bad soon-to-be-Supreme-Court-Justicing-bitch!

Lily Allen x Chanel
Potty mouth meets the King of Fashion. Loving it.

Blueberry Pancakes
They are making a comeback. Trust.

Sarah Morrison Blogging over at MOB
Because now I can die happy

This song!!!

Living Single
I still wish it was a 90s Kinda World...

Gilt Fuse
Yay! More expensive shit masquerading as "affordable"!

All Things Gold
Gotta get me to Canal St. soon...

Angela Bower
She really was the Boss...

Monday, July 27, 2009

M.I.S.S. x Cubannie Links

This is the business! Please head over to my other home base on the interwebs, M.I.S.S, and check out the editorial they styled for Cubannie Links! I promise you, you'll like it!

MISS Crew Por Vida!

Friday Nights at Max Fish...

Gina Sachi Cody Photography x Gee

Met this lovely chick Gina Sachi Cody who took some snaps of me and the homegirl Absquatulation. Peep it.

Skateboard P is Now "Lil" Again

Lately I have been disappointed in little Skateboard P, and I'm not the only one. The lovely, magical force behind The Diary of a Broke College Student, the ever so hilarious Dee, has worded our disappointment a lot more eloquently that I probably could have. Pharell has slowly been morphing into a Dirty Old Man. It's true.

But then I saw this above picture from his latest spread in Spread Artculture Magazine. Not so dirty, no old man.

You might be redeeming yourself, P. Or I can only hope so!

(Thanks to Lateboots for pic!)

Friday, July 24, 2009


Look! It's another Vice party on Saturday!

Why do we keep going to these things you ask? Does smuggling enough free Colt 45 out in your mid-sized handbag to last you at least 3/4 of the night not mean anything to you people!

Performances by LiveFastDie (they are only half bad) and Golden Triangle with DJ set by PizzaPartyKev (What's Your Rapture).

Nike Retro Appeal

The 90s revival continues with the very Venice Beach Rollerblading inspired Nike Indie Aqua Print Tank. The perfect merging of trends, the tank's lightweight mesh and bright neon bandeau strip are retro without going overboard. Rock with cutoff shorts, some Vans, and an ice-cream cone in hand!

(Via HighSnobette)

Flashback Fridays Make You Feel Good...

Tony! Toni! Toné! - Feels Good
by UniversalMusicGroup

I had to do it, because it's Friday and we all need to Feel Good before the weekend!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cue Ball!

Breaking News:

Solange shaves head! I die of laughter!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Buckle Up...

Because we're going on a wild ride to nirvana!

Johnny Cupcakes Swimwear

I just spent $70 on a bikini. A really lame one. I totally wish I didn't drop that change, because the above one from Johnny Cupcakes is infinitely radder than the one I purchased. If you don't have a swimsuit for the summer yet, make sure to cop the "Tip Top Bikini" later this week at Johnny Cupcakes' webstore!

Nuts! I guess it's true what they say, nice shoppers finish last :(

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Michelle, My Belle

Michelle is stomping all over these silly girls! Fuck Rhi Rhi and CiCi, Michelle is where it's at! The First Lady debuted a beautiful new short cut at the White House's Country Music Concert held last night.

Lovin' this cut, Michelle knows how to keep with the trend, while at the same time looking lovely for a professional woman who's the #1 partner in crime when it comes to running this nation...

Docs Galore!

May I ask a very vital question?

Who doesn't love Dr Martens?!

With the return of 90s grunge inspired looks to the fashion landscape this upcoming fall, it's no surprise that the iconic footwear brand is seeing a dramatic resurgence in popularity. From floral prints, to patents and bright magenta pinks, the combat boots have been spotted more recently on celebs such as Solange, Daisy Lowe, and even Amber Rose. French ready-to-wear label Comptoir des Cotonniers has decided to jump on the band wagon and have collaborated with Dr. Martens to produce a limited-edition version of the classic 1460 8-eye boot, set to drop mid August. In a brand new colorway known as "mousy grey", these beauties will retail for the not-so-cheap price of $190.

I remember my first pair of Docs in 3rd grade. My mom took me to Nordstroms to get a new pair of shoes for the first day of school. Being the quasi-hippie that she is, she was ecstatic when I chose a teeny tiny pair of baby blue, patent leather Dr. Martens! I happily wore them with everything, from leggings to my strawberry print dresses, until my size 3 boots became a bit too tight around the toe. Ever since then I've been a fan and have owned various colors over the years, from blood red to basic black and my latest-- a floral print. Docs are awesome, and so are the girls that wear them! Check out a shot of the "mousey grey" collabo below...

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dueling Divas-- Current and Throwbacks

R&B divas Rihanna and Ciara kept themselves busy over the past week, with both unveiling new looks up top. Designed to play up their increasingly "edgy" personas, Ciara cropped her long and faithful weave into a punky pixie cut, complete with a face-framing bang much like the one Rihanna was sporting in the early stages of her short do. Meanwhile, Little Miss Princess took her short cut up a notch, shaving both sides off to create a rooster-inspired mohawk of sorts. Celeb bloggers have been pitting the two singers against each other for the past few months now, claiming that Ciara's attempts to upgrade to fashionista status is a calculated move to bite Rihanna's title as fashion tastemaker in the R&B game. Industry insiders have accused Ciara of "stealing" Rhi Rhi's stylists, hair gurus, and make up wizards, as well as her producers, beatmakers, and video directors. Oh, the dramaz!

Of course, the face-off between Rihanna and Ciara is nothing new. R&B Divas have been dueling since the dawn of Mowtown, it's just the nature of the beast. It was a feud that split up the Supremes, an epic cat fight that ripped apart the Mariah and Whitney's friendship, and time still hasn't told us who's won in the throwdown between Aretha and Tina! These commonly cited feuds are all fine and dandy, but there is one tumultuous battle that often goes overlooked in the annals of diva history, one that still continues (to some extent) to this day...

Brandy VS. Monica

In this throwdown, Brandy would appear to be the obvious winner. After all, the songstress enjoyed a few platinum records, the starring role on the long-running Moesha, and the hairstyle that launched a thousand micro-braids. Brandy was the wholesome diva, the kind that sang about innocent crushes, sittin' up in her room, and desperately wanting to be down. Brandy's toothy smile and droopy hats were so cute, that you couldn't help but want to pinch her cheeks and utter an "awww, look at the kid trying to be grown!" every time she crooned about loving someone so much that it made her cry. Flash forward to a disastrous car accident later (Brandy was charged with manslaughter, but settled out of court) though , getting bounced by her record label, and a weave so horrendous we're still suffering whiplash... it seems that Brandy's lost her footing in this uphill battle!

Monica is the underdog in this battle, but like any good underdog, she eventually clawed her way to the top. The diva in this corner currently has a top 20 R&B single on the charts, a duet with Keisha Cole, and a BET series set to premiere later this year. The road wasn't always so easy for her though. Unlike Brandy, she never had the "wholesome girl" thing going for her. Monica was more of a hard edge, the girl from the hood that would take a hammer to your Honda if you crossed her! Romancing a jailed rapper, singing about getting her man out of the streets, and being forced to cover up her tatts all made Monica the wild child, at least in comparison to Brandy's PG persona. Although she never hit the big time like Brandy, jams like Angel of Mine (don't even try denying that you bumped it in the 8th grade, you know it was the song of the year!) solidified her steady climb to the top.

Who is the victor? Rhi Rhi or Ci Ci? Brandy or Monica? Whoever ends up taking the prize home, we are pretty sure that there will never be a shortage of divas ready to yank the weaves off each other! Enjoy Brandy and Monica taking it to the streets with their "Bitch, please" duet, The Boy is Mine!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cassie's Edgy Now, Ya Heard?

Two celeb tattoos in one week, it must be something in the water...

Check out little Miss Edgy, Cassie, flaunting her new hair and a small tattoo above her left ear last night at the NYC Museum of Natural History's 40th Anniversary Celebration of the Lunar Landing hosted by Louis Vuitton.

Can't make out what it says, but I'm not mad at it! Definitely cute! Can't say the same for that hair though...

(Thanks to SFPL for pics!)

Kicks After Six-- the Finished Cut


Eeeek! Gahhhh, egads! I can barely speak. This is amazing! As a video geek (it's part of my dayjob), I'm practically big-O-ing over how awesome the finished product of Kicks After Six is. Ok I can't speak anymore, sensory and fashion overload, just watch!

Girl Crush Part Deux

According to several "reputable" news media sources, The Office hottie Rashida Jones has been quietly and comfortably dating President Obama's 28 year old speech writer Jon Favreau for months now.

OK, can I just uncomfortably gush about Rashida's hottness for a few? Real talk America, the girl is awkwardly funny (but in a really good way), has a degree in Philosophy from Harvard, is BFFs with cool peoples like Natalie Portman and Stella McCartney, and her bum is as cute as a button! Plus, whenever you can get Quincy Jones to arrange a song for your college a-capella group because he's your DAD, I think it's safe to say that your super-hot ratio soars through the roof.

Rashida Jones, you half-yid banger you! Swoon!

Made Me Fall 09

I'm a bit late on this so I'm sure you've seen it plastered all over the net already, but my fanatic adoration of Made Me can't go ignored!

The successful clothing line Made Me, conceptualized and designed by the fabulous Erin Magee, has just released a preview their upcoming Fall/Winter collection. Entitled "Mes Amies" (which means "my friends" in French), the lookbook is a black-and-white affair featuring the faces of some of Erin's favorite industry movers and shakers. Made Me supporters such as songtresses Nina Sky, stylist/DJ Radio Rose Garcia, and A-Morir designer Kerin Rose all make cameos in the shots, as well as several others. Magee says:

“Each personality has helped in some way or another with building the MadeMe brand. I told everyone, ‘Come as you are,’ since we all happen to be really stylish and cute! The shoot was easy and I knew the personalities would reflect well on camera. I am really proud of everyone!”

The upcoming line further explores Made Me's tough-girl aesthetic, featuring studded denim cut-off and faux furry vests, plaid tops, and a floral-print version of the brand's coveted leather jackets. Stay tuned to stockists such as Karmaloop to cop the collection, and as always you can pre-order your favorite pieces at Made Me's webshop.

(Thanks to Nitrolicious for pics!)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hellz How I Love Thee!

HELLZ - "Kicks After Six" (Trailer) from HELLZ on Vimeo.

Oh Hellz, how I love thee! Let me count the ways! Is it your smoldering, sexy teaser trailer from your upcoming short film "Kicks After Six"? Or your accompanying lookbook peaks giving me a brief, mouth-watering look at your upcoming mysterious capsule collection?

Seriously, Hellz, come away with me! I'll be your muse and you my clothier. I smell a love match...

The Spider and the Pitbull

Peep the Pitbull in a Skirt getting tatted up last week by super producer Swizz Beats. Although there's nothing canine about this ink, it is nice to be able to post a new celeb tattoo because it's been a while! Closeup below... do you guys think Eve's spider is a good look, or lacking?

(Thanks to Bossip for images)