Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What's Up With That?

Suspenders. What up with that?

I can't decide if I like this trend on grown women or not. Something about it is very 4th grade, very creepy. It recalls your youth, and not in a good way. This striped pair, from ModCloth, reminds me of a little girl trying too hard to dress up with something she found on the floor in Daddy's closet.

It also reminds me of Larry King, and also really not in a good way at all.

But then on the other hand, something about it is very chic, very gamine, very French effortless. This pair, from American Apparel, is adult and sexy. It adds a pop of color, without looking like an over-styled goon. And, they don't make me think of Larry King, not one bit.

Yay or neigh to suspenders?

Oh. Em. Gee.

So, like, last night on the premiere of "The City", MTV totally, like, broke down for, like, the rest of the nation the unfathomable differences between, like, downtown New York hipsters and uptown New York socialites. Clearly, the divide is like, so totally crazy and real that it's going to force Whitney to choose between like, having a boyfriend and, like, making friends!

As a real-live New Yorker, I can't even tell you the countless number of times I've had to choose between my sickeningly hipster guitar-playing boyfriend, and my bitchy vapid socialite girlfriends. Ugh, life is just so complicated in The City!

Now where's my tiara?

WHY is Jadakiss as Hard as It Gets...

and WHY in the damn hell would Converse put out this miserable excuse for a Chuck Taylor?

I saw this in Journey's this weekend. It was all fogged up and sweaty, looking as nasty as it wanted to look. I was baffled, shocked... I think I threw up a little bit in my mouth. Sneakerheads everywhere have been wrong, a desecration has been committed. But when I logged on to their website I received the ultimate shock...

People actually LIKE these things.

Hottest kicks on the block
By .::JazziFizzle::. Verified Reviewer from A place in the US on 11/28/2008
Stylish, Fresh
Bottom Line:
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

These shoes are top of the game cute. I've always wanted a pair of ALL clear converses. Thanks!!!

Posts like these remind of the fact that America is last in reading and math, and now style. SMH.

Cassette Playa's New Heat

I know you guys have seen this elsewhere by now, so I'll spare you the agony of reading a 900th review on them (I'm slackin!). All I want to say is that these are fiyah! Cassette Playa is doing it, and doing it well. Cop the limited edition Blazers stateside at select Nike Sportswear stores.

One more pic for your hungry eyes...

(Thanks to SneakerFreaker for images)


This is Jessica Origliasso. She is in a bad band called The Veronicas. I don't really know much else about her, except judging by this pic below, she is painfully skinny. Does this really look good to anyone out there? Girl, come on now!

However, despite her wire-hanger physique, she does have a bitchin' tattoo and I admire her for flaunting it proudly. We need more celebrity chicks who aren't afraid of expression and being different.

(Pics via Flisted)

Takin it Back On Ya...

A friend of mine sent me a shitty version of a Red Cafe "song". What was good about it, though, was the Anita Baker sample.

For all you young folk out there, if you're not up on Anita Baker you need to be! She was what Mary is now, before there was a Mary. She's the real O.G., so study up!

Anita Baker-- "Caught Up in the Rapture" (Live)

Anita Baker-- "Sweet Love" (Live)

Anita Baker-- "You Bring Me Joy" (Live)

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Brit Bad Girls Are Back!

Two of England's most famous female break-out music stars of '07-'08 have released new videos just as the year is coming to a close. Lily Allen and Lady Sovereign, both part of the new trend of British "bad girl" artists-- meaning, they have a brain and use it to break the mold by being outrageous and outspoken-- have taken the musical world by storm and, by the looks of these new videos, have no plans to stop anytime soon!

I can't say much for the music. Both seem to have been influenced by current pop music (Lily by dance-pop and Lady Sov by dance-rap) and have taken their sound in new, although not the best, directions. However, the videos are where it's at! Creativity abounds, and visually they have produced fun and cinematically thoughtful pieces.

Lily's "The Fear" is a play on modern feminine cinema popular with directors such as Sophia Coppola. Think soft lighting, elaborate sets, wide landscapes, symmetry. The video brilliantly captures those essentials and relates them to her tale on the pitfalls of celebrity.

Lady Sov, meanwhile, draws from one of the best movies of all time, "The Warriors". She creates a girl-power interpretation of the film, including it's grimy lighting and gloomy, harsh coloring.

Keep up the good work ladies-- at least visually! Check out the videos below...

Lily Allen-- "The Fear"

Lady Sovereign-- "I Got You Dancing"

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Crazy

what. the. fuck.

I've never seen anything so brilliant, this bitch is nuts and I absolutely love it!

Some T. D'Arby to get you through the work week... I hope you enjoy his funk and style as much as I do!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Judy Funnie is the Shit

Via Nylon.
Below article is amazing! As a style icon, Judy Funnie is so relevant as of late. She could be any hipster girl walking down the streets of Williamsburg, or any fashionista strolling up Fashion Ave. Her cultural icons (beat poets of the world unite!) and change-the-world-through-creation attitude are so important in the this time of global change and the Obama presidency. Maybe I'm reading too much into this? Who cares-- Judy Funnie rules!
Patty Mayonnaise may take our heart, but Doug's big sister can take our closet! We had a moment at the Marc by Marc Jacobs runway this winter, where we looked past the cool models and neon shoes and went "Oh my god, it's Judy Funnie!" The cartoon beatnik who hounded her little brother Doug on Nickelodeon each week may have been annoying, but her clothes were to die for - giant sweater dresses, fuzzy berets, and a half-shaved head a la Alice Dellal. She may be imaginary, but Judy Funnie has some real style. 1. Audrey Sunglasses, $11 @ Fred Flare 2. Infra Red hair dye, $12 @ Manic Panic 3. Anna Sui dress, $205 @ Net-a-Porter 4. Angora beret, $18.30 @ TopShop 5. Howl by Alan Ginsburg, $4.99 @ Amazon 6. Marc by Marc Jacobs, Fall '08 7. Marc Jacobs booties, $695 @ Net-a-Porter 8. Burberry beat perfume, $55 @ Sephora 9. Maje pants, $165 @ Net-a-Porter --FARAN KRENTCIL

Fendi Brings It...

I have never been a fan of Fendi, but the new items from the Spring Cruise Line are so tough!
With price tags in the $650-$870 range though, Fendi certainly isn't taking sympathy on stiletto lovers in these times of recession.

Cop if you dare through exclusive pre-order at Saks.

The Skinny Dunk Drops...

The first of Nike's freshly minted "Skinny Dunk" for women, this slimmer profile high top is released just in time for the holidays on Nike's web store. Featuring subtle red accents on the sole, tongue and back, this all-black suede Dunk is a good option to pair with everything from jeans to a nice top. Although I am a bit disappointed in the relatively boring colorway, it's at least better than the Liberty Print foolishness that Nike will drop come spring.

(Thanks to Nitrolicious for images!)

Ippazzi Saves Me from the Snow

With the snow everywhere and iced-over sidewalks threatening to cause major slippage, I was in less than a good mood when I headed out to Arlene's Grocery this past Saturday night. With little in my head other than the need for a strong-ass drink, I was pleasantly blown away by the lively, if all too brief, performance from local band Ippazzi.

The diverse group, fronted by singer/songwriter front man Greg Petronzi, R&B vocalist Elliot Chisholm, and rapper/poet Akil Davis, blossomed after the boys met at an NYU open mic night. Although their individuals influences are as different as humanly possible-- Greg sounds like an even mellower cross between Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson, Akil is a slowed-down-peace-and-love-minded Aesop Rock, and Elliot draws from the soul (and dance moves!) of Mowtown's finest--together they bring something new to an overcrowded indie market where everyone is trying too hard to be different.

The drummer started off bringing the heat right from the first song, and Ippazzi had no trouble easing the crowd into a surf-rock tinged set. The band's varied vocal dimensions are quite unique, as Greg started off the upbeat "All I Need" with his raspy low-toned voice floating beautifully over the hypnotic chords. Just as I was being transported to a far away land of beach bonfires and summer nights, Akil's swift rhymeplay glided effortlessly onto the track and brought me back to reality. The contrast between the climbing chords, Akil's quickening flow, and Greg's soothing croons was exciting and the perfect choice for drawing the crowd in.

The standout track by far was "Judging Me", off their new record which is scheduled to be released to the masses in early 09. Elliot's soulfoul voice really shines through on this John Mayer-esque jam about trying to prove to a lover that you haven't changed. His softness and depth on stage was charming and commanding at the same time, really drawing attention to his flawless voice.

As we crowded close to the front of the stage in Arlene's back room, my friend pointed out that she felt the group's diversity-- their musical and fashion styles are all so different from each other that it's mind boggling--worked well for them because it seemed like despite their differences, these guys all gathered on stage out of nothing more than the desire to jam together. Although they aren't my usual musical taste, I will say that I definitely appreciate Ippazzi for what they are-- good people coming together to make good music.

Check out more tracks, including "Judging Me", here.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Some S. Morrison in Ya Life...

Sigerson Morrison's
Spring '09 line is now available for order at their boutiques, and the standout shoe, certain to be a knock-off favorite come summer, is the above pictured Marrakech boot.

Featuring a sexy stiletto and thin leather straps that race all the way up the calves, this is a new take on last season's gladiator sandal that incorporates the bondage trend we have been seeing this past fall. Definitely for the adventurous, this is a wonderful statement shoe to snatch up for spring!

For those of you who love the leather look, but are scared of the height, the line also features a shoe featuring ankle-length leather detailing.

(Thanks to High Snobette for image!)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mr. Loverman

Just some morning Shabba to start off your week right... this is amazing, check for the cellphone!

Friday, December 19, 2008

M. Mack All Dressed in Black...

This is the cutest thing ever! I want one desperately, it's the girlie version of gangsta.

LUTZ... hell yeah!

This via MISS Crew:

"Parisian brand LUTZ has paired up with footwear designer Robert Clergerie to present LUTZ By Robert Clergerie. This limited edition collection for SS09 features two silhouettes both offered in two color-ways. The styles mix different types of leathers: varnished, aged and waxed with a variety of straps and elastics resulting in feminine yet powerful designs. Robert Clergerie is a shoemaker that I have adored for some years. Clergerie’s designed tend to be bold and rather substantial, usually clunky heels, platformed soles or wedges. This collaboration between these Parisian design houses is a beautiful marriage between quality and craftsmanship and modern femininity."

The collection of heels and slingbacks are delicate, yet have an edge to them. The rich colors, slim heels, and patent shines are brilliantly offset by the thick elastic ankle straps. I am drooling over these and want them all in my closet for the New Years! Peep more below...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hangover Much?

Some helpful global tips via Jezebel this morning...

National Geographic has offered up a cultural shmorgesboard of hangover helpers to the drunken masses! Listing various common hangover cures from around the globe, the magazine provides a beautifully illustrated chart of sorts that covers everything from Romanian tripe soup to Netherlandian beer. Now you can indulge safely this weekend, knowing that you have more options than french fries and tylenol to help you through the hard times.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Idle Warship

Check out the debut video from Idle Warship, the new supergroup made up of Talib Kweli, Graph Nobel, and vocalist Res. Of course we all know Talib, and if you don't remember Res, she was big on the scene in the late 90s. The trio is scheduled to drop their first album, Party Robot , in early 2009 .

This is a different sound for all the artists involved, most notably Kweli. Unlike his more sample-heavy beats, Idle Warship's music is dance based and fits in perfectly with the evolving sound of "hipster hip-hop". The group says on their myspace page:

"Idle Warship started as an idea to make a dance song for fun. It has since morphed into a full blown labor of love, with it's own identity. We no longer control it. Idle Warship is a vehicle of expression, it is a state of mind that creates art that is needed. It is not needed for the world, it is needed for the artist. It is selfish. It is egotistical. It is confused. It is human.

Pop stars, movie stars, celebuglies, this is what we worship. They are beyond royalty, we try to assign a divine quality to them. We prop them up and make sacrifices to them. There are always new deities screaming for our attention, and we dispose of our gods in grand fashion. We tear them to shreds and fight over the scraps like rats on a sinking ship. The Lauryn Hills, Britney Spears and Anna Nicoles of the world were once little girls with dreams. They seem crazy, but I say they are sane reactions to a crazy world. "

Interesting-- my jury is still out on this one, but overall it looks positive. If you want to see more of Idle Warship, they will be performing at BB Kings on December 22nd, featuring special guest Blu and Exile. Buy tickets here.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Head Game...

I bought this groovy little thing for less than $13 from here. You should get one!

Legos Go Gangsta!

This is so dope! Much love to the people at Format Mag for coming up with, and brilliantly executing, this concept because it definitely made me smile!

My favorite has to be Super Lover Cee and Casanova RUD, such genius!

Pepsi Pop Up Shop in NYC

This just in courtesy of the ladies at Around the Way Girls-- Pepsi will be sponsoring a pop-up shop this weekend featuring some of the best and brightest in ladies and mens' streetwear apparel brands. Reps from Hellz Bellz, Cubannie Links, Violette, Fruition, and others will be in the building giving you the hottest deals on their of-season wares.

Check it out at the Openhouse Gallery (201 Mulberry St.), this Saturday Dec. 20th from 12- 7pm.

Monday, December 15, 2008


J*Davey has been on the scene for a while now, but for all of you who don't know, they are definitely worth checking out.

The duo, founded by Los Angeles natives Jack Davey and Brook D'Leau, produces a unique fusion of soul, electronica, funk, punk, R&B, and new wave. With such a diverse range of influences, you'd think that their sound might be cluttered, but instead they manage to craft incredibly cohesive units of musical wonders that are inventive and unlike most of what we hear today. Although the riffs and beats of their musical forefathers are clear and apparent, their method of spicing up funk and soul with thoroughly modern electronica is what takes their sound over the edge. The resulting melodies, showcased on their 2007 industry double-disc mixtape release The Beauty in Distortion/The Land of the Lost, are both infectious and mellow at the same time-- your body is forced to duel between the desire to dance it out in a fit of techno-inspired madness, and to groove seductively to funk-a-dellic riffs. Navigating your way through the sonic madness (and I mean that in nothing but a good way) is Jack Davey's honey-smooth, raspy voice. Sounding much like a cross between Eryka Badu and Prince, Miss Davey's hypnotic low tones and lush high notes give the duo some much-appreciated soul.

J*Davey's clever, if somewhat cryptic, lyrics are not to go unnoticed and serve as a fresh match to their musical stylings. I had the opportunity to see them live this past summer, and it was a high-energy spectacle. Jack Davey's stage presence is undeniable; she was able to keep the crowd hyped as she took us on a tour of the duo's roster of jams, ranging from slow jams to punk covers. Not only is she full of an energy and sensuality that makes her a joy to watch on stage, but she is stylish beyond belief and can rock the hell out of some pumps and some sneakers!

Peep J*Davey's video "Mr. Mister" below, and although they have yet to release a full-length album, you can check out more music here. Enjoy

(Thanks to SoulBounce for image)

Noone at LAX has Swagger Like Her...

I know you are sick of my numerous posts about her, but she has done it again!

Swag princess 2.0 Rihanna arrived at LAX this weekend. The sweater and sneakers are brilliant-- laid back but still stylish. The purse is the perfect compliment to the colors, and while I'm not too sure about the sunglasses, you gotta at least respect her courage. She stays killin' it!

(Image via Bossip)

Louis Vuitton x Sprouse Collection

This photo of supermodel Agyness Deyn just surfaced over the weekend, and she is toting no other than the soon-to-be-released Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse collabo collection. The limited edition handbags, shoes, scarves, and accessories will be reworkings of the previous 2001 collaboration designs. However, this time, Sprouse's trademark graffitti designs and logos will be printed onto styles such as "The Speedy" (picture above) in bright neon colors.

I love this collection-- it's really tapping into the alternative cultures (particularly urban culture) that have embraced the Louis Vuitton brand over the years.

A highly regarded graffitti artist who transitioned into the world of fashion, Stephen Sprouse passed away in 2004 due to complications of lung cancer. The release of the new collection will coincide with the Jan 2009 publication of a book on his life and career.

Ehsani Round Two

The wonderfully talented Melody Ehsani has just unloaded her latest round of accessories and they are nothing less than amazing! Ehsani's new series of rings displays her continuing focus on unexpected throwback detailing. The chunky rings are near-exact replicas of popular old-school designer watches, such as Rolex and Cartier standards. The detailing is insane, she has everything on point down to the "quartz" on the face of the mock-watch!

For only $30.00 each, these would definitely make a wonderful holiday gift for any girl on the go! Cop exclusively at karmaloop.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Swag Princess Does a Jumpsuit

Swag princess 2.0 Rihanna was spotted in London recently wearing a zip-up, trouser length black jumpsuit. Never one to tread on the safe side, the fashionista brought back a bit of retro with a riskier piece-- I love the subtle 80s' flares such as the straight, padded shoulders and the mini-parachute legs! This is definitely a stunning piece and she looks fly, but I am not feeling that necklace, it throws off the whole beauty of the jumpsuit's neckline. You people feelin' it?

Check up on a shot of her diva nails and that hanging necklace below...

Santogold x Jigga: Brooklyn We Go Hard

Yes, this has blown up all over the net. But it is still dope.

Hellz-Bellz is Back!

Hellz Bellz has dropped their Holiday '08 collection, inspired by Mae West.

A standout mix of flannels, plaid and comfy hoodies, striped sweaters, and bold bombers jackets, the collection entitled "Born Bad" was inspired by old-time actress Mae West. Designed to show case female strength, durability, and persistence, the empowering yet fashion forward collection is being rolled out to stores and online now.

As always, you can cop pieces at karmaloop. Check out more pics below...

(Images thanks to nitrolicious)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

You can't even front-- "Mowtown Philly" was on your rotation back in the day! I randomly came across this earlier this week and it's been stuck in my mind ever since. Even though it isn't the best of the era, you cant deny! I used to love getting down to this as a kid. I can't help but smile when looking back on Michael, Nathan, Shawn and Wanyas' big red blazers and dopey jeans! Music was so simple back then, nothing but feel good jams that made you want to get down...

Monday, December 8, 2008

Okley by M.I.A

I love M.I.A. She's truly a unique force in music, proving that dope beats and a fun sound can carry a socially responsible message. She is also a fashionista of a new type, letting all the young girls out there know that they can look just as sexy in sneakers and bright colors as in all black and heels. Her creative prints, ethnic influences, and old school flair were all elements I was looking forward to when I heard that she was releasing her own line in late '08.

Cut to Dec. 2008, the release of OKLEY by MIA. I am sad to say that I am quite disappointed in the line. While it does feature her trademark bright colors and interesting prints, this is on the whole so uncreative! I had faith in MIA-- but after seeing the line, even 50 cent and friends have come up with more creative concepts!

Take a look at The President Tee. $75.00 for a white tee with her face on the front?! I know it has a nice print in the back, but this is really setting the bar quite low. I thought she would wow me, instead I'm just... argh. blah. yucky.

The best thing is probably this, The Afrika Jacket.
But not sure I'd pay $210.00 for it.

Lohan Loves the Leggings...

Shocking news via The Daily News...

Lohan's leggings are a hit! The star's over-priced, overly-conceptualized line 6126 is flying off the shelves at high-end retailers such as Henri Bendel, Intermix, and Lisa Kline. Although priced at $132, the most popular item in her line, the "Mr. President" legging-- a black spandex option inspired by her idol Marilyn Monroe and featuring quilted grey kneepads-- is sold out in most boutiques across the country.

One of the first celebs to be publicly devoted to the wondrous power of leggings in all forms, Lohan is often seen rocking them with... everything! Sneakers, boots, heels, flats, sweaters, sweatshirts, T-shirts, even bikini tops. LiLo can't get enough of the stretchy wardrobe staples, and is now offering her fans the opportunity to be as leggings-obsessed as she is, just at a very high price.

According to her publicist, the reason for the hefty price tag?

"The leggings are made of top quality materials," says 6126 publicist Ali Brubaker. "Many have accents like 100 percent leather patches and 100 cashmere leggings which also contribute to the price range."

Despite the rough economic times, it seems that celebrity can help you hawk anything these days! If interested in copping the "Mr. President" or any of the other styles, they are available at ShopIntuition.

(Image via The Deli)

Sample Sales

The Mike and Chris sample sale has been rescheduled! YAY! Originally postponed, it is now featuring their men and women's line for up to 75% off. 12/11- 12/13 at 80 W. 40th St., Suite 53 (at Sixth Ave) between 10am- 6pm.


Alexander Wang's sample sale will sell items at up to 80% off! 386 Broadway (at White St.), 6th Fl. on 12/10 3-7 pm, and 12/11 and 12/12 from 10am-7pm. But warning-- minimum for credit cards is $200! Ouch!

The fabulous Dianne Von Furstenberg's sample sale feature 75% off all dresses, sportswear, and knits, with new merchandise arriving each day. 260 Fifth Ave., dates/times as follows: 12/09 (9am-6:30pm), 12/10 (9am- 8pm), 12/11 (9am-7pm), 12/12 (9am-5:30pm), 12/13 (9am-3pm).

For those of you who have $$ BANK $$, Chanel's annual sale starts DEC 6th and continues throughout the holiday season. No info on what the sales figures are like, but of course this is offer is only good at Chanel boutiques.

And for those of you more financially challenege... Le Sport Sac's is 12/07- 12/10 (8am to 7pm), at 123 W. 18th St. (b/t 6th and 7th ave), 4th Fl., featuring 60%- 80% off current styles and special holiday gift selections for under $25.00.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Booties Galore

I got these yesterday for under $30.00 each from here.

They are super comfortable and look really cute. You might want to get some!

Just a Reminder...

Jeremy Scott x Adidas is coming!

Just a reminder that the designer's playful capsule collection for Adidas is scheduled to release in Feb 09 at Adidas Original stores in limited quantities. Hopefully these come in small sizes as well-- check below for more from both the sneaker and clothing lines.

(Thanks to TrashBag Aesthetics and Hypebeast for info and pics)

D'Palma in the Building

Brian D'Palma is a genius. Most people know this because of Scarface or Carrie. But the real reason is this scene from 1980's Dressed to Kill.

From the gleaming, soft glow of Kate's (a very MILF-esque Angie Dickinson) coat to the shining light bouncing off Bobbi's scary ass switchblade, DePalma is the master of reflection and lighting. The whole film is based on the idea of reflection-- Kate's reflection on her repressed sexuality, Liz's reflection on prostitution, and Dr. Elliot/Bobbi's reflection on his gender--and this singular scene physically manifests that theme so perfectly. The mirrored elevator allows everything to gleam with an angelic halo-like light. Even the bracelet on Kate's dying hand, as she reaches out for help and liberation, shines beautifully. This contrasts with the brutality of the murder, and really drives the idea of reflection home.

He's so smooth...

Thursday, December 4, 2008


L'Trimm was so dope! They were the definitely the official swag princesses for a brief moment in time, but unlike 08's reigning lady, their music was actually fun. While they weren't the deepest or the best vocalist, these get-down girls got your body rockin' without a doubt!

Lady Tigra is still doing it too, putting out fun dance-inflected music for the well-informed masses. Check her most recent video below...

Marc's Baubles

Marc by Marc Jacobs has launched a new line of costume jewelry that is not only fun and playful, but is also very reasonably priced for that Marc girl in your life. Marc Jacobs is personally one of my favorite designers, so I'm understandably buggin' out since now I can actually afford to purchase something from one of his lines without saving up for months!

View some of my picks below, all of which are available for purchase on eLuxury: