Thursday, April 30, 2009

JS Round Two!

Jeremy Scott for Adidas as back and fresher than ever! Thank the fashion gods for the current 90's resurgence, because I am definitely all over the retro prints and cuts! The second release of the Originals by Adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott collection features the release of three brand new sneakers, as well as a smaller size run of the infamous winged sneakers, especially for the ladies (finally!).

As far as the clothing line, it's on point as always. Pieces focus on leopard/safari prints and globe/space prints (big 90s trend-- remember those mini-globe earrings you had back in 92 girls?!). Sweatshirt dresses and hammer-pants sweatsuits are the statement making pieces, and there is also a knee-length pencil skirt halter dress in the lineup as well. Creativity abounds, and the line is light years ahead of other streetwear currently out on the market (especially for the ladies). The collection will drop late summer/early fall, so you know you'll be coppin'...

(Thanks to TrendDoll and The Decida Style for pics!)

The Train to Easy-Ville

I don't usually blog about happenstances in New York City, but this morning something happened to make me think, and I had to share it with you readers.

I was riding the N train to work. It was a-chuggin' along pretty quickly, which is surprising since it's always stopping due to "construction" right around the 57th St. stop. So here I am in the subway car, minding my own business and reading my NY mag, trying to block out the incredible BO wafting through the air. A random bum walks through the car doors, a not unusual occurrence. Typically, most people just bow their heads and turn their eyes and hearts steely for a few moments until the bum realizes that none of these people are gonna give him money and then moves on to the next car. The bum this morning wasn't getting the memo, though... he was clearly psycho, walking around and cursing people out and ranting. No one was in danger, but it was definitely a sticky situation.

As I stood there, now just pretending to read my mag, the bum grew more and more irate, spit foaming at his mouth and his hands flailing around a bit. Luckily, the train came to a stop. I noticed a young woman get off and just move to the next car, safe and sound in seeming "normalcy" again. I couldn't fault her-- dude was crazy! But, as I myself got off at the next stop and climbed out of the station and off to work, I realized that it was that easy for us, as New Yorkers, to look the other way. This isn't a small town, where a crazy, drunk person comes along once every St. Patty's Day-gone-wrong. We're inundated with locos all the time, 24/7 (this is the city that "never sleeps" after all). And as the city becomes more and more gentrified, the insanity that originally attracted me to the bright lights of New York is slowly being wiped out. Being in NYC nowadays is like being on a movie set-- you have the tall buildings and cute little benches on the streetcorners, without the madness that comes with urban life. And when that madness pops up-- be it a bum on the train, or a bum following you home from the deli--we have no problem looking the other way. Why face insanity head on when the comfort of gentrification lies just around the corner, in your 3rd fl. walk-up on the UES? It's so easy to go about your business and just live your life, but keep in mind that you're basically turning your head on anyone who's less fortunate than you are...

Instead, all of the stress of the homeless and deranged falls on the shoulders of the city government. And, as we sit on the train reading our NY Times, we all love to complain about how the city is so whack and uninvolved, how we could do a better job. I'm not saying that this isn't a government issue, because it's definitely Bloomberg's responsibility to help the homeless and less unfortunate out. But jumping to the next car isn't proving that we can do a better job-- all it's proving is that we're too self-involved to care about doing a better job.

I'm not trying to moralize-- should we do something, even though sometimes safety might be an issue? Are we too self-involved?

Thoughts, readers?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ME Relaunches

Ladies, the time you have been feverishly waiting for is finally here...

Baubble designer of the moment, Melody Eshani, has finally relaunched her website. You can now buy all of the new Summer Accessories and Shoes on her website here. Get fresh for summer with her sexy heels, wedges, and the infamous 3 finger mirrored rings we've seen everyone from Princess Rhi Rhi to Miss Ci Ci rockin'!

Get it in!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Vans New Era Summer Collection

I am a huge fan of the Vans New Era line, as the " skippies" are the perfect compliment for the wardrobe of any chick on the go. The release of their summer line features a light and neutral color palate that will certainly prove easy to match with almost any summer bright, from a dress to shorts. Solid colorways (tan and grey) are available, as well as a colorway featuring Vans' signature checks, albeit in a more sophisticated paneled look.

My favorites have to be the grey/off-white and all-grey colorways, I can totally rock those with red and look fly! Peep the rest below...

(Thanks to Sneakernews for pics)

Party Party!

If you're in the NYC area tonight-- get your butt over to Santos and dance the night away in celebration of director, artist, designer, and blogger extraordinare Vashtie's birthday! The likes of Q Tip and Cipha Sounds will be spinnin' the best of 80s and 90s hip hop and R&B (only the exclusives, people!), and expect the stars that turn up at her weekly Get Open parties to be in full effect tonight!

Friday, April 24, 2009

So Freakin Happy Right Now!

I just HAD to post this for reasons that all of my readers may not understand, but I give a happy happy happy shoutout to Danny Boy-- we did it!!

Cassie Needs to Step Her Game Up

Take note Cassie, this is how you do it!

Alice Dellal is the new up-and-coming Kate Moss of the modeling world. Capitalizing on the grunge revival, the 20-year-old daughter of a former Brazilian model rocks her signature shaved head steeze with style and a fiery intensity. Tapped to be the face of Mango and Agent Provocateur Lingerie, this socialiate hits the party scene hard and is always photographed in unique of-the-moment ensembles.

She certainly is bad-ass. I cosign the shaved head look, she's almost making me want to reach for the clippers...

More pics below!

Mental Hopscotch

Browsing through Blogue, a Fashion Flashback post on 80's band Missing Persons' lead sing Dale Bozzio caught my eye. I was put on to Missing Persons not too long ago by a special someone, and I have to say they really are an awesomely rad band. Dale Bozzio was the equivalent of the modern-day Karen O, a fashion risktaker and musical daredevil. With ensembles consisting of bowl bras, foil and plastic vests, and glitter and fishnets leggings, she personified the space-futurista-glam-goddess look. Her hair was wild, colored, and crazy, and her makeup was fierce. Long before Madonna was the innovator on the music scene, Dale Bozzio brought a sick sense of innovation to the fashion landscape of New Wave. You go girl!

Check out some more of her awesome ensembles below and one of the band's videos as well!

Reebok x Basquit

Exo-Fit and Freestyles set to drop this fall.

Ridiculously dope.

(Images via Sneakernews)

2 Legit 2 Quit!

Peep Christina Milian out and about in LA with her boo, the Dream, rockin the American Apparel Harem Pants we picked as a summer trend earlier this week.

See, we do know what we're talking about!! Kinda. Sorta. Maybe a little?

On another note, it has to be said... The Dream? Really?!

(Thanks to Bossip for images!)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Might Want a Snuggie...


I Still Heart Zoe Kravitz!

Zoe on the set of her new film, Twelve. So bad-ass, so stylish, so beautiful. She kills it in everything from grungy hipster swag to polished club kid.

Girl crush, definite girl crush!

(Thanks to Bossip and StuffFlyPeopleLike for images!)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chester French Update

I blogged about them earlier this week, and now bringing you an exclusive show for those of you in the New York area! Chester French will be playing a smaller Giant Step show next Wednesday, April 29th. Strictly RSVP only, the set will be on a more intimate scale and will feature DJ Timaj as well. Svedka Vodka will be in the house as well, keeping you liquored up as you listen to the boys make music! RSVP for the show here.

On the 6...

Missbehave put me on to this, and I figured I'd share this info with you all as well...

Based out of San Francisco, Dmdmetal is a jewelry designer whose pieces have a distinct urban feel to them. More on the abstract side, their earrings, rings, and necklaces feature bold and unique metallic shapes. Detailed etching and intricate lettering help the baubles stand out, despite the streamlined simplicity of the pieces. Reinventing basic shapes, Dmdmetal has put a creative spin on doornockers and nameplate necklaces with their TRAIN and GRAFFITI series. You can purchase the reasonably priced, handmade pieces on Dmdmetal's Etsy store and peep our selections below!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Party Time!

GoodWood and DeadStockKicks will be giving shit away-- check it out if you're in NYC!

5 Fuckin Trends...

It's just about that time of year again, spring has sprung! No more hoodies, definitely no more flannels, and a lot more sandals. I know what you're thinking-- damn, you've eliminated all of my basics, my wardrobe is looking pretty fucking sparse right now! Never fear, we got you covered here at The Ladies First with a compilation of some of the sickest trends poppin' off this spring. Peep our picks below...

Hell yeah, I know you've all been rockin' your vests all winter long--tweeds and knits have been your basics right? Vests will still be around for this spring, but they are getting a little update. Borrowing from grunge (which we all know is the biggest trend for Spring anyways), vests are no longer cute and petite, but rather bulky and scene-making. Try new fabrics and shapes, like a biker-esque leather vest, or a cropped, boxy denim cut-off version. The "New Vest" will become your best friend, I swear! Throw it on over a girlie sundress to look a little bad-ass, or layer it ontop of Tees and Tanks to give a basic look some edge.

Geek Glasses!
I'll admit it... this trend is so self-indulgent and ridiculous, but I'm cosigning it nonetheless. Whether you're blind or not, Geek Glasses add a dose of chic to any bummy outfit. Perfect with office wear, streetwear, and a no-brainer for all your hipster wear, they look great with just about any ensemble you throw together. Designers have been churning them out in all shapes, sizes, and colors, so if you're feeling silly I'd suggest coppin' a pair.

Summer Boots
Between you and me, sandals are so overrated. Sure, your feet breathe a little more when you have sandals on, and you can see your toes. But the upsides end there, my friends. We all know that boots are the business! Unfortunately, though, designers have to churn out a profit to cater to all you sandal-wearing masses. But with a preview of all the summer shoes we've been seeing, I'd say they're finding it a little hard to let go of the boot fetish for spring. Welcome to summer boots, ladies! The bootie and ankle boots are still going strong for spring, but with intricate lacings and strategically placed cut-outs designed to show off a dope pedi. Get two pairs--a softer, flatter pair for daytime and a fierce, bitchin pair for nighttime.

Christian Louboutin

Harem Pants
Pump up the volume! You either love them or hate them, and I happen to love them. Take a break from your skinnies and try out this new silhoutte. Be a sophisticated lady with a black, sleek mid-calf length pair, or be bold and go 2 Legit To Quit on em with wild, crazy full length ones. Either way, you'll be able to eat a sandwich at lunch without worrying that you're gonna pop a button on your skinny jeans.

Free People

American Apparel

Navajo Print Dresses
We all need a pretty dress. Don't be boring and get a jersey one, or a black one. Get one of these instead! They're pretty, flattering, and will make you look a lot doper than most of your friends!

Silence and Noise

We know you want them all... go out and cop!