Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Lucky Star

I want to look like this and feel like this every day, forever.

The older I get, the more understanding I am of Madonna. Musically, she's legendary, but not necessarily my cup of chai. What I care about more than her music is the very tangible femininity she is associated with. As we move more towards gender equality (didn't say were there yet-- just moving more towards it!), I really like that she has created a sense of being a woman, without tying it to ideals that are necessarily feminine in nature.

Things like.

These things. They are all ideals that have traditionally belonged to the masculine sector of our society, but I'm really inspired by the way that she reclaims these qualities and infuses them with a unique sense of womanhood. That is what I want to capture every day, forever. Also, maybe "Holiday". But not required.

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