Monday, March 30, 2009


The Louis Vuitton Spicy Sandal.

In a variety of textures and prints, from the above featured cheetah, to lush burgundy suede and shiny snakeskins, the LV "Spicy" sandal was the standout shoe at Fashion Week in Paris this past spring. With slim roped ankle straps and tribal accented beads, it's easy to understand why the shoe was such a hit. Featuring a gilded, slim platform and feathered, lace-up detailing, we haven't seen anything quite as adventurous as this slim stiletto in recent seasons.

I am personally loving the totem-pole esque vibe of the shoe. It gives a classically sexy heel a more tribal, playful vibe. As you can see in the pics above and below, the shoe will be great paired with jeans, or with tights and can definitely stand alone as the statement piece in an outfit.

If you can afford an exorbitant amount (prices range from $1540 to $2800), click here to get details on how to be one of the first to own the shoe of the season that is gracing the heels of the fashion world's hottest!

(Thanks to Jak & Jill for pics!)

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