Monday, March 9, 2009

"Your Girl is Lovely, Hubble"

Peeps pics of Kanye West and his new lady-du-jour, model Amber Rose, out and about during Paris Fashion Week. Definitely shining, the couple is a walking fashion show.

As great as they look together, I get the sneaky suspicious that Kanye is taking the easy way out by wifing up the video vixen. Is anyone else reminded of the movie The Way We Were (1973)?

In the chick-flick classic, Hubbell (played by dashing Robert Redford) dumps the loopy-yet-lovable Katie (not-quite-stunning Barbara Streisand) because she makes like "too complicated". Hubbell can't handle Katie, an independent and intelligent, classy woman, and instead takes the easy way out by choosing a beautiful, if vapid, woman.

Sound like Kanye and Amber Rose? Now, I dont know Amber Rose, but the chick's claim to fame is her near-nude appearance in Smooth Mag. The couple never quite seem too happy to be together, they just stay posing up! Anyone else notice how eerie that is?!Meanwhile, Alexis Phifer (Kanye's ex), is the owner and creative director of her own fashion line. Their public appearances always portrayed them as a happy, balanced couple who shared a love of each other and a joy for life.

I guess all I have to say to Kanye is "Your girl is lovely, Hubbell!"

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