Monday, February 2, 2009

Back to 8th Grade

An article on spring handbags by Wendy L over at Nitrolicious allowed me to ponder for a bit... Ponder I did! And now I am sharing those thoughts with you, specifically on the handbag trend du jour, backpacks.

From the runway to the streets, backpacks are steadily making a comeback and are poised to take over the scene this spring. A staple you probably started to get rid of around the second semester of 8th grade, the backpack is now becoming chic again for the adult set. This new breed of grade-school influenced bags are far different from the mini-backpack trend that was fairly popular in the mid-90s. Instead of plain, muted nylons, the full-sized backpacks we are seeing on the runway and in the stores are constructed from lush, sturdy leathers and come in sophisticated spring-worthy prints.

I personally am glad for this trend-- gone are the days when a heavy tote hangs precariously on my right shoulder, forcing my arm down a few inches! Now, the weight of my various magazines--and a change of sneakers in case my heels backfire-- will be evenly distributed between both shoulders!

If you guys would like to cop, see some of the best options for the season below...

Marc By Marc Jacobs

Delux for Urban Outfitters
Junior Drake available at Karmaloop

Shiny Pleather at American Apparel

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