Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lolita for Spring

One of my favorite stories of all time has to be Lolita. Originally a tragically cerebral book authored by Vladimir Nabokov, the story of a pedophile's fixation on a young girl garnered even more controversial attention when it was made into a movie by talented auteur Stanley Kubrick.
Although Kubrick constructed a new script for the film, he tried to stay faithful to the novel by capturing a certain aesthetic that was a strong part of the novel's appeal. A huge part of that aesthetic revolved around Lolita's fashion choices, which were tantalizingly child-like.

Fastforward Spring '09. We are seeing a revival of the playful look in both accessories and daywear. Two pieces in specific have been plucked straight from the novel's pages and are surfacing on celebs and fashionistas all over the country-- heart shaped sunnies and one-piece playsuits. Like those in the novel, the playsuits we are seeing are striped or floral, some with nautical accents. Fun and lighthearted, these Lolita staples are a great way to lighten up your wardrobe from winter theblack and blues to a sunny (literary!) look.

Sunnies from FredFlare

Insight Romper at Urban

Kelly Osbourne and her Boy go Lolita

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