Sunday, February 8, 2009

Grammy Wrap Up...

So, the Grammies are going on at the moment. They are not as boring as they have been in the past, but still pretty boring overall. Is mainstream really that dull? The only good thing that popped off was the "Swagger Like Us" performance. I can't even front, it was hot. MIA is as fun preggers as she was 9 months ago, and Lil Wayne had his scarf swag in full effect. 

At least fashion livened things up at bit, or some of the fashion anyways. Peep some of the best, and the worst, below!

Jennifer Hudson--
 and the pumps add a subtle pop of color

MIA-- rockin' a Manish Arora dress and kicks
Crazy, but you gotta love her being 9 months 
pregnant and colorful as hell! 

Janelle Monae--
A true stylista, 
this look is a chance that paid off

Keyisha Cole--
After last week's hit,
she was due for a miss... 

Jay Z-- Classic and on point

Estelle-- um. A for effort? 

Kim K-
why was she there, 
other than for blatant booty promotion? 

Nas-- Obama swag gone wrong

Robin Thick and Paula Patton-- 
sexy, and loving Robin's black-on-black look

T-Pain-- Still shuckin' and jivin' for that money

Leona Lewis-- pretty, but boring

(Thanks to StuffFlyPeopleLike and Bossip for images!)

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