Sunday, June 14, 2009

Please Baby Baby Baby Please!

Our favorite jewelry visionary, Melody Eshani, just released some preview images of a new piece on her blog last week. Inspired by the ever-so-stylish, ever-so-influential Spike Lee alter ego Mars Blackmon, the new necklace is a right-on-target recreation that bears Eshani's signature mirrored faceplate. Mars Blackmon symbolized the fun, carefree, artistically inspired side of hip-hop culture. He was unafraid to be silly, unafraid to be who he was, unafraid to point out his flaws, unafraid to put himself on the line to win over everyone from a woman, to an audience, to Michael Jordan himself (can you tell I'm crushin'--how could you not!)! He was the epitome of early BK swagger, spirit, and genuine desire to have fun (something that we're missing these days).

As a Mars Blackmon uber-fan, all I can say is... PLEASE BABY BABY BABY PLEASE! Please give this chain a wide release, and please let it be soon because it is a must-cop!

Check out Mars being Mars below... Classic shit!

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