Sunday, June 14, 2009

You're Turning Me On...

I almost always only have one thing on my brain. Usually, that thing is food. But today my mind has been wandering and keeps coming back time and again to these amazing Nike Blazers. I previously blogged oodles of love for them, but when I was out and about today and saw a random chick stomping about in them, my feelings towards these lavender SBs intensified from slight sneaker crush to full blown unrequited love. Lush light purple suede, snake-skin swoosh... my heart palpitates uncontrollably each time I visualize these babies! I can't help but fantasize about sliding them over my sock-covered toes. Pulling the padded tongue over the edge of my skinny jeans. Lacing up the black strings. Wiggling my toe around under the suede-capped toe. Lusting over the reptilian swoosh in the mirror.

Let me stop before it gets too hot in here...

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  1. love this.

    and oh thanks for linking, i always wanted to kno wif the site was legit or not.


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