Thursday, June 11, 2009

Flowers in My Hair and a Mean Mug

These hot bitches have had a long day of kickin' ass and taking names. When they woke up this morning, they were never planning on dealing with half of the shit they dealt with, from the pot of frijoles boiling over, to the kids sneaking one too many cookies from the fuckin' cookie jar. They had to put the rest of the world in its place, let everyone know that they run shit. You heard them, they run shit!

But, alas it's all in a days work. When the last dish has been washed and the final shirt folded, sometimes you've got to let go of all that stress and sit back with a phat cigar. Just take a puff. Inhale and let it out.

Know what I'm saying?

(Thanks to Big Daddy for image)

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