Monday, January 19, 2009

Bare-Chested Weezy Does GQ

Everyone's favorite Cash Money Millionaire vet, Lil Wayne, was recently shot by famed fashion photog Terry Richardson for GQ. The shots features a bare-chested Weezy smoking while giving a remarkably honest look into the camera, as well as a shot of him with eyes closed and gun-formed fingers to head. Weezy is tatted from waist to face, and this shoot gives us an in-depth look at his numerous inkings, including the infamous teardrops on his face and the "Rolls Royce RR" on his left arm. Although I'm not the biggest fan of Young Weezy, Terry Richardson has certainly used his talents to humble a superstar and draw out a raw realness from a man that lives in a world of near-fantasy.
Fans or stans? Let us know!
(Thanks to Blogue for photos!)

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