Friday, January 30, 2009

Back with a Vengance!

The ladies of the New York based streetwear phenomena MOB are back for Spring '09 and they are bringing the heat! The unveiling of the collection offers new spins on the MOB basics you've loved so far-- eye-catching hoodies, innovative bomber jackets, and smart-minded T-shirts-- and adds a few new pieces into the mix. The Chanel-inspired cardigan, in particular, displays the brand's intention to branch out grow in a new direction that has more of a classically feminine potential. Musical artist Kid Sister is the face of the line, embodying the relaxed, casual beauty the line inspires towards. The makeup and hair-- bright red lips and big, waved hair-- reminds me of a prom queen gone street! Having always been a fan of MOB, I must say I'm proud that the ladies have keep comfortable streetwear a priority, while sexin' it up for a woman of intelligence. In a nutshell, I give kudos to MOB-- this 'ish is fiyah ya'll-- and say go out and cop it!

Peep below for shots of the full collection and you know you can purchase exclusively here.

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