Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Dap is Back and Bringing You the Lovin...

The day of love is slowly creeping up on all of you unprepared guys out there! If you're still searching for the perfect Valentine's Day gift-- besides the required chocolates and flowers-- the triumphant return of Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings to a New York stage near you would be the perfect gift!

The modern queen of tortured, real soul, Sharon Jones is the vocal front for famed band The Dap Kings. Mark Ronson was one of the first to put them on for mainstream consumption-- their vintage soul, horn heavy sound has become a staple of his hit production for artists such as Daniel Merriweather and Lily Allen. In fact, Ronoson's protegee Amy Winehouse loved the mutli-cultural band so much that she chose to use them as the recording band for her Grammy winning, multi-platinum album "Back to Black". Since then, their union with Sharon Jones has garnered them much industry respect, and they are slowly amassing a dedicated and fiercely loyal fanbase.

Having recently returned from playing a string of dates out on the left coast, Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings will play on Valentines Day at The Nokia Theater. Click here to purchase your tickets today. I guarantee your woman/man will love this, and a bit of sexy soul will do both of y'all some good before you hit the bedroom!

(Thanks to Deadly Melody for Info)

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