Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Good Cause Blog...

Hi most awesomest readers!

On April 19th, I will be walking in the Walk MS Fundraiser. Joining a team of 6 great friends, I am hoping to raise as much funds as I can towards a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. A part of the National MS Society's efforts to spread awareness about the debilitating disease, the walk will encompass 6 miles.

Our team has set a goal to raise $3800. Thanks to our generous friends and family, we are currently at the $3600 mark. However, we still need the extra $200 to meet our goal, and to contribute to the cure for MS. 

I know this is an economically hard time-- heck, we all know since I blog about my broke-ness on the regular. However, this is a cause I believe deeply in and that has affected my friends in many ways. I hope you, most awesome readers in the world, can dig deep into you pockets and donate anything towards the cause. Even $1 helps!

Please click here to donate to my team (you can donate online with the click of a mouse, it's that easy), and here to learn more about MS and its unpredictable, unfortunate effects.

Thank you all for your support and help! 


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