Friday, April 10, 2009

Love Jimmy Choos? Meet Chester French...

Although their current rotation on MTV signals an impending downfall, you should get to know Chester French before the band blows up and loses any sense of artistic responsibility. 

Fronted on vocals by D.A. Wallach and supported on all instruments by Maxwell Drummey, the duo has taken the indie-pop scene by storm lately with their infectious blend of synth-beats and Brit-rock. Graduates of Harvard University, Chester French honed their skills while playing for cash at the campus quad when the weather was nice, and helping out with recording at the Harvard Quad Sound Studios. When they finally put together a demo during their senior year of college, the boys found early fans in Kanye West, Perez Hilton, and Pharell Williams. A bidding war ensued, and the students finally accepted a record deal from Williams' Star Trak label in the midst of finals.

In a short time, they've collaborated with everyone from Lady GaGa to Pusha T (of Clipse fame). Their sound varies from hip-hop inflected beats to Beatles-inspired riffs, all tempered by very light and upbeat electronica. Lyrically, their creative and humorous outlooks on safe sex, girls, and LA have resulted in laugh-inducing songs such as "Jimmy Choos"-- an ode to the models who wear the click-clacking heels. The duo is currently releasing a free mixtape featuring the likes of Diddy, Bun B, Janelle Monae, Mickey Factz, Wale, Jadakiss, Common, Solange, Talib Kweli, and so much more. Keep on the lookout for their album "Love the Future" to drop sometime this summer. 

I cosign these guys! If you're in search of some fun, summer music with a cynical edge (at least lyrically), you've met your match... 

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