Thursday, April 30, 2009

JS Round Two!

Jeremy Scott for Adidas as back and fresher than ever! Thank the fashion gods for the current 90's resurgence, because I am definitely all over the retro prints and cuts! The second release of the Originals by Adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott collection features the release of three brand new sneakers, as well as a smaller size run of the infamous winged sneakers, especially for the ladies (finally!).

As far as the clothing line, it's on point as always. Pieces focus on leopard/safari prints and globe/space prints (big 90s trend-- remember those mini-globe earrings you had back in 92 girls?!). Sweatshirt dresses and hammer-pants sweatsuits are the statement making pieces, and there is also a knee-length pencil skirt halter dress in the lineup as well. Creativity abounds, and the line is light years ahead of other streetwear currently out on the market (especially for the ladies). The collection will drop late summer/early fall, so you know you'll be coppin'...

(Thanks to TrendDoll and The Decida Style for pics!)

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