Wednesday, September 2, 2009

...And About That Thing Called "Food"

So while I was writing the below post about my over-excessive dieting and exercise phase in life, I was totally watching an episode of Top Chef Las Vegas. And HOLY HELL did Padma's claws come out. We all know she is so gorgeous that it's almost blinding, but her sort of misplaced bitchiness and underhanded comments came out of nowhere, and they were kind of hot! Her "well that's not gonna happen because we're sending someone home TODAY", in response to a chef's claim that they wouldn't want to see anyone go home, was as bad ass as she's going to get. I genuinely appreciated her effort!

Plus, she wears a leopard print skirt and Loubies like it's no one's business, all while eating one amazing dish after the next. She's good, really good!

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