Monday, September 28, 2009

The V-Neck Wars

Tabatha over at MOB recently ranted about American Appy ads and the whole ongoing controversy surrounding the proliferation of nearly nude ladies in compromising positions awaiting some type of "good times" in what horny men can only imagine to be the near future.

Yes, the ads are ultimately sexist. Yes, Dov Charney is one step away from perv of the year (the dude has leered at more multi-culti co-eds than any 40+ year old man should ever be allowed to leer at). Yes, a hairy, creepy Dov Charney is a pretty decent explanation of why I can't date a Jewish guy (much to my mother's chagrin). And yes, everyone who buys more than just Ts and leggings (and the occasional pair of socks) at AA is kind of a really big douchebag.

But, yes, as creepy as Dov's ads are, they do promote a healthier body image than the Dior ads in the subway that have been airbrushed to death. I can't stand the fact that it's still sex that sells... but at least it's sex whose owner's got a fatty, like most girls (including me, holla!)! I hate that an upskirt contributes to really silly-high sales... but at least it's an upskirt that doesn't belong to someone with blonde hair and blue eyes.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, American Apparel ads are creepy. But I'm mostly alright with that...

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