Monday, September 21, 2009

Betsey's Back!

What more can be said about Betsey Johnson that most girls don't already know? She is an icon, a legend, and now a Re-Issue collection at NY and LA based boutiques Opening Ceremony.
The Betsey John Archive Collection consists of 35 pieces that "look back to the future, reviving Betsey's original designs curated from the span of her 35-year career". The pieces are not reinterpretations of her past design sensibility, but rather exact re-issues of some of her favorite pieces from the beloved Paraphernalia and Alley Cat collections.

The prices may be recession-boggling, but items with this much fashion history are well worth the hefty price tags, including the Rosebud jumpsuit and Cherries Mini Dress.

Want to know more about Betsey? Check out this exhaustively detailed piece that my homegirl Absquatulation wrote for Missomnimedia. She covered every corner of Betsey history, from her sketches to her licensing troubles to her infamous cartwheels on the runway. It's so thorough that even Betsey herself couldn't believe it! Amazing, you go girllll!

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