Monday, September 7, 2009

Hellz Loves Us! They Really Do!

If this isn't proof enough that my fashion lover, Hellz Bellz, and I are meant to be, then I don't know what is!

Images of the sportswear company's collaboration with Reebok were just leaked today on HighSnobette, and what do you know-- the sneak has lovingly been coined the "Ladies First" model!! A black high top featuring bright yellow laces, a tightly perforated leather upper, and subtle row of spiky studs, the Ladies First is exactly what we would have expected from Hellz' foray into footwear! Always paying the upmost attention to detail, Hellz Bellz included understated design choices such as a fold-down polka dotted upper and cushiony insoles reading "I'm Ten Steps Ahead of You!". Finished off with the signature Hellz nail polish bottle logo, the slogan is mean to inspire the ladies to always be FIRST in the game!

I cannot wait for these to drop! They're exactly what makes me so swoon-y about Hellz in the first place. The design is edgy (see the studs and neon-yellow laces) and fun, while still being entirely wearable. Unlike other brands (cough cough *Nike* cough cough), Hellz understands that marketing casualwear to women means more than just slapping some pink and glitter on a sneaker and calling it a day.

That's why we're soulmates. And clearly Hellz knows this! At least that's what the voices in my head keep telling me...

Check out some close ups of the Ladies First Reebok x Hellz Bellz collaboration below!


  1. oooh la la...can't wait for these!

  2. Really great! will be in NY this week and will look for them.



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