Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Reading Rainbow No Mas

Ok blog nation. In case all 7 of you dear readers haven't noticed, if there's one thing I love to gush on and on about (besides Hellz Bellz), it's nostalgia. I'm stuck in the past and cannot get enough of 90s jams, parachute pants, Lisa Frank and scrunchies. I think I'm cursed with lamenting for all eternity about how awesome life was before it hit 2002.

That's why it pains me deep in my little heart to report this really sad news. The pinnacle of education-based TV has been cancelled. READING RAINBOW is officially off the air! Two dozen Emmys and several Eric Caryle books later, the Levar Burton hosted show is being booted off the air because no financeers have stepped forward with the several hundred thousand dollars needed to renew the show's broadcast rights. That, and the fact that hope of educational programming is now pinned on a slutted up explorer with a backpack.

I know that all I have in my bank account is like, $12 and this is a recession and what not, but WHAT THE DUCES?! No one, literally NO ONE, could come up with like a hundred grand to save the butterfly in the sky?

Sadfaces abound :( I'm pouring out a little liquor for my dead homie-- RIP Reading Rainbow.

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