Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Missed the Marc?

Nitrolicious has just posted some preview images of Marc Jacob's new back-to-school capsule collection, priced at a lower price point to satisfy his growing legion of fans that have made the designer a household name.

Real talk? This collection is so sad. I've seen more fashionable and creative pieces at Rainbow, in their sale section. Yes Marc, I am broke. But no, I do not want to wear a lame striped jersey scarf, nor do I want to wear a fugly pair of tapered denim high-waters! The Ts are kind of OK, but not for the jacked up price they'll probably be charging!

The only way I could envision these items being remotely cool is if a fabulous 84 year old Miami woman named Doris decided to rock the striped leggings with the cheetah print top. Doris would definitely be able to pull this shit off...

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