Monday, July 6, 2009

Tragic Surprise

Luxury sunglasses brand Mosley Tribes recruited celebrated photographer Jory Cody and up-and-coming LA actor Alex Beh to produce a couple of beautiful shots for a special lookbook. The shoot showcases the brand's Lyndel and Raynes designs, which are influenced by the classic designs of the 1950s aviators and the 1980s wayfarer. The clothing for the shoot was provided by politically influenced brand Apolis Activism, which has become considerably popular since its 2004 debut.

Besides top notch garments, accessories, and a hunky model, the photographs are strikingly reminiscent of an old-school type of glamour and a subtle, doomed machismo, representing the type of man who rides willingly into the danger facing him as if it were a heightened type of excitement. Icons such as the smoldering stars James Dean or Marlon Brando, come to mind when I see these photos. There is a sense of fated beauty to these images, mostly due to the softness of the natural lighting contrasting with Beh's knowing expression in each of the pics. These photos give me goosebumps, as if Beh knows that when he turns around to walk down that highway, or drive away in that car, an eerie future will befall him. These photos capture the idea that the overwhelming beauty in this world is constantly contrasting with doomed fates and sad endings. Isn't that what makes tragedy so real though?

I really like Jory Cody's photography, after checking out his portfolio. He has a unique ability to capture multiple dimensions of his subjects in just one shot. Make sure you check out his portfolio online at his website.

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