Monday, July 27, 2009

Skateboard P is Now "Lil" Again

Lately I have been disappointed in little Skateboard P, and I'm not the only one. The lovely, magical force behind The Diary of a Broke College Student, the ever so hilarious Dee, has worded our disappointment a lot more eloquently that I probably could have. Pharell has slowly been morphing into a Dirty Old Man. It's true.

But then I saw this above picture from his latest spread in Spread Artculture Magazine. Not so dirty, no old man.

You might be redeeming yourself, P. Or I can only hope so!

(Thanks to Lateboots for pic!)

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  1. He can GET IT. He can get it in a store, on a bus, in a plane. He can get it in a house. He can get it with a mouse. He can Dr. Seuss it all day. In other words, He can get it anywhere, even with old man status; I'd call him Pappy.


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