Friday, July 10, 2009

Obey Fall 09

I would love nothing more than dressing up in kicks and other wacky shit on the daily, but unfortunately I have a semi-professional 9 to 5er that requires me to dress sensible and as put together as I possibly can be, which hasn't always gone so well for me-- who knew that rockin' Jordans and fishnets to the office was a no no!

Enter Obey. The streetwear line has become a big lifesaver in my wardrobe because it embodies the aesthetic I need to keep it professional and together on the day to day, but has random fun detailings and inspirations to keep my fashion tastebuds tickled each time I get dressed! I am really excited for this collection to drop because the pieces, like everything I have from Obey, are solid in quality and simple enough to be dressed up with accessories. I am fawning over the styling in this lookbook, just because it's so relatable to me. I can see myself wearing each and every one of these looks, albeit kicked up a notch! Favorite looks are by far the printed wrap dress (hiking boots and a three finger ring would take this to the next level) and the yellow cardigan and destroyed jean look.

Reliable and chic! Are you guys feeling Obey's fall lineup?

(Thanks to Nitrolicious for pics!)

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