Monday, August 17, 2009

90s Dance Jams for the Drunkards

Sorry for posting a bunch of videos lately, but it's what's been inspiring me lately so buzz off if you don't like it!

Remember that late 90s dance R&B thing? You know what I mean. The 1998 junior high semi-sexy jams they played at your middle school dance while you and your girls danced in your little three-person circle with your girls, fending off all inappropriate male intruders? No? Maybe that was just me... Anyway, I was out the other night and heard one of the songs-- KP & Envy's "Shorty Swing My Way", and it inspired a whole drunken garlic knots fueled exploration of late 90s post-girl-group dance songs. Here are the findings:

KP and Envyi



This chick had the game on lock with the around-the-way-girl-trying-to-get-her-man-to-notice-her- R&B. It was serious.

(watch this one till the end to spot a Lil Jon cameo!)


  1. OH MAN this is why we're friends! THIS IS THE REASON. KP and Envyi are amazing and I need to know where they are right now!

  2. BTW, Polow Da Don is in the KP and Envyi video! WHATTTT


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