Monday, August 3, 2009

Gaia Tries Taming Nature

Baltimore bred street artist Gaia just released a superb short video piece, Taming Nature, chronicling a day in the life of an unforgettable public defacer.

With most of his pieces based on simple head forms in large irregular shapes, Gaia's linocut works have already appeared in galleries such as Ad Hoc, and on the streets of BK, Chicgao, and Wham City. Gaia is part of the burgeoning new class of street artists who, unlike their predecessors, aren't above "selling out" by having their work displayed in galleries. Although street art is in large part a fundamental reclaiming of the public space, newcomers like Gaia are also viewing their street masterpieces as valuable self-promotional tools. While in the past graffiti artists preferred pseudonyms and tags, the evolved class, including Gaia, prefer to emblazon their names in full detail on their work so that gallery owners can take notice. Regardless of whether or not Gaia and others like him are selling out, the work speaks for itself-- good stuff! Check out more on his flickr stream.

(Via Juxtapoz)

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