Monday, August 10, 2009

Kelly Bundy Is a Babe (Says PM Dawn)

Once upon a time, in a suburb far far away, lived a blonde bimbo with teased hair that fufilled every man's dreams. With hair as gold as Van Halen's best-selling albums, and a skirt as short as her attention span, the princess ruled the male student body with a steady stream of "accidental" upskirts and her own unique brand of dim-witted charm. Who was the girl who had it all you ask?

Kelly Bundy

With fashion trends taking a turn towards the 90's grunge metal worst (or best, depending on how nostalgic you're feeling), it was only fitting that we pay tribute to the Married with Children hottie who inspired the wardrobe behind many a Cobra Snake snaps. Kelly, the ultimate trailer trash babe, had a style her own consisting mostly of multiple pairs of ripped jeans in various degrees of acid wash, topped with belly baring bustiers or cropped bra tops. Her obsession with all things tight was apparent with each bright spandex bandage dress she donned, accenting the minis with biker-style chain belts. Short was another obsession not far behind--her dark floral print babydoll dresses were as teeny tiny as could be and were often complimented with a pair of Doc-style boots. But heels were really more of Kelly's forte and she was comfortable rocking the highest of black pumps. Leather and velvet were her main squeezes, and if she wore flannel, you better believe it was knotted to showcase her midriff in all its glory! Bold silver cross and star pendants were all a part of the rocker-chic accessories package, as were the western-inspired studded bracelets. Top it all off with dark lips, darker eyes, and the baddest (but in a good way) roots I've ever seen, and you have one 90s bombshell who we refuse to close the book on!

Check a few more style snaps of K Bundy below. And of course you know I had to throw in PM Dawn's Set Adrift on Memory Bliss with it's so-quick-you-might-miss-it nod to Miss Applegate.

And so closes the end of this 90s fairy tale...

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