Monday, December 29, 2008

The Brit Bad Girls Are Back!

Two of England's most famous female break-out music stars of '07-'08 have released new videos just as the year is coming to a close. Lily Allen and Lady Sovereign, both part of the new trend of British "bad girl" artists-- meaning, they have a brain and use it to break the mold by being outrageous and outspoken-- have taken the musical world by storm and, by the looks of these new videos, have no plans to stop anytime soon!

I can't say much for the music. Both seem to have been influenced by current pop music (Lily by dance-pop and Lady Sov by dance-rap) and have taken their sound in new, although not the best, directions. However, the videos are where it's at! Creativity abounds, and visually they have produced fun and cinematically thoughtful pieces.

Lily's "The Fear" is a play on modern feminine cinema popular with directors such as Sophia Coppola. Think soft lighting, elaborate sets, wide landscapes, symmetry. The video brilliantly captures those essentials and relates them to her tale on the pitfalls of celebrity.

Lady Sov, meanwhile, draws from one of the best movies of all time, "The Warriors". She creates a girl-power interpretation of the film, including it's grimy lighting and gloomy, harsh coloring.

Keep up the good work ladies-- at least visually! Check out the videos below...

Lily Allen-- "The Fear"

Lady Sovereign-- "I Got You Dancing"

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