Tuesday, December 2, 2008


The Crew from "Mi Vida Loca", Allison Ander's 1993 film following the lives of 4 LA Cholas. 

If there's one thing you know about me, it's that I'm obsessed with Cholas. After a recent, and very successful, Halloween stint as one, I've decided to show my love by breaking down the often misunderstood Chola for all my readers out there...
A rare breed of functional and fierce, their gangsterific look is not only practical for carrying them knives to cut ya'll up with, but it's sexy too. What is the Chola look exactly?

1. Dickies. A good chola wouldn't be caught dead in anything else. Low rise, loose fit, and preferably khaki. Although, your homegirls would forgive you for rockin' a black or brown pair. If it's hot out, turn your dickies into cut-off shorts and wear with hella high tube socks. And always hold your pair up with a black or blue web belt, you know the deal, ese!

2. Wifebeater. Tiny and shows off your stomach, toned or not. Make sure it's thin enough for your black bra to show through.
3. Flannel. Long before the flannel became an essential to every good hipster's uniform, the baddest cholas in the hood were reppin' with their flannels. Top button at the neck and the rest free-flowin' is the way to do it up.

4. Nike Cortez or Chucks. These only two pairs of kicks that a good chola would ever need.

5. Bandana. The bandana can either go in your hair, or hang out your pocket, but wherever it goes make sure you're showin' your colors, chica!6. Makeup. This is what really sets the big dogs apart from the rest--red lips and eyeliner are required. But to make sure your chola-ness comes full force, line those red lips with black, unblended liner, and put on enough winged liquid eyeliner on your top lid to make Amy Winehouse jealous. Of course you'll need some killer nails, go to the shop to get it right.

Throw on some crazy huge hoops and you're ready to go. Lastly, just be fierce. A chola never lets nobody tell her she ain't worth shit, so rep hard for all your homegirls out there!

Need some examples?

More recently, MAMA clothing just released their Fall/Winter 08 collection, which is inspired by the Chola Lifestyle. Get a closeup of the rest of their lookbook in all it's Chola glory here

And even though she jacked the look, get a good idea of how to lean like a Chola in Gwen's homage to her South Cali roots.

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