Monday, December 8, 2008

Lohan Loves the Leggings...

Shocking news via The Daily News...

Lohan's leggings are a hit! The star's over-priced, overly-conceptualized line 6126 is flying off the shelves at high-end retailers such as Henri Bendel, Intermix, and Lisa Kline. Although priced at $132, the most popular item in her line, the "Mr. President" legging-- a black spandex option inspired by her idol Marilyn Monroe and featuring quilted grey kneepads-- is sold out in most boutiques across the country.

One of the first celebs to be publicly devoted to the wondrous power of leggings in all forms, Lohan is often seen rocking them with... everything! Sneakers, boots, heels, flats, sweaters, sweatshirts, T-shirts, even bikini tops. LiLo can't get enough of the stretchy wardrobe staples, and is now offering her fans the opportunity to be as leggings-obsessed as she is, just at a very high price.

According to her publicist, the reason for the hefty price tag?

"The leggings are made of top quality materials," says 6126 publicist Ali Brubaker. "Many have accents like 100 percent leather patches and 100 cashmere leggings which also contribute to the price range."

Despite the rough economic times, it seems that celebrity can help you hawk anything these days! If interested in copping the "Mr. President" or any of the other styles, they are available at ShopIntuition.

(Image via The Deli)

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