Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What's Up With That?

Suspenders. What up with that?

I can't decide if I like this trend on grown women or not. Something about it is very 4th grade, very creepy. It recalls your youth, and not in a good way. This striped pair, from ModCloth, reminds me of a little girl trying too hard to dress up with something she found on the floor in Daddy's closet.

It also reminds me of Larry King, and also really not in a good way at all.

But then on the other hand, something about it is very chic, very gamine, very French effortless. This pair, from American Apparel, is adult and sexy. It adds a pop of color, without looking like an over-styled goon. And, they don't make me think of Larry King, not one bit.

Yay or neigh to suspenders?

1 comment:

  1. Nay to suspenders!I don't like them at all.


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