Monday, December 8, 2008

Okley by M.I.A

I love M.I.A. She's truly a unique force in music, proving that dope beats and a fun sound can carry a socially responsible message. She is also a fashionista of a new type, letting all the young girls out there know that they can look just as sexy in sneakers and bright colors as in all black and heels. Her creative prints, ethnic influences, and old school flair were all elements I was looking forward to when I heard that she was releasing her own line in late '08.

Cut to Dec. 2008, the release of OKLEY by MIA. I am sad to say that I am quite disappointed in the line. While it does feature her trademark bright colors and interesting prints, this is on the whole so uncreative! I had faith in MIA-- but after seeing the line, even 50 cent and friends have come up with more creative concepts!

Take a look at The President Tee. $75.00 for a white tee with her face on the front?! I know it has a nice print in the back, but this is really setting the bar quite low. I thought she would wow me, instead I'm just... argh. blah. yucky.

The best thing is probably this, The Afrika Jacket.
But not sure I'd pay $210.00 for it.

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