Monday, May 4, 2009

Design for the Perpetually Broke

I recently moved into my very first "grown up" studio, which has remained largely unfurnished for the last month and a half.

It's been wonderful living alone! But, not so wonderful living alone and sitting/eating/working on the floor. I wish I could afford chairs and other furniture, but with the state of the economy + my clothing addiction/needs, I don't see that happening quite just yet...

Here are some pieces I'm craving, anyone have any suggestions on where to get cheap, funky furniture and decorative items in NYC?

I love the print on this Marie Antoinette Fainting Table.
Anyone got $575 to spare?

I have neither use nor space for this, but it's fucking awesome!
Opening bid is set at $125.00.

Jean Michel Basquiat framed Mona Lisa for $289.00
Ah, the stuff dreams are made of!

Eeee, cupcakes!!!
KitchenAid, $299.00

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