Sunday, May 31, 2009

Girl Crush Du Jour

So, those of us over 15 know that the whole indie-kinda-geeky-yet-really-hot thing that Kristen Stewart has going on is completely manufactured by a dedicated team of PR specialists, studio honchos, and understated stylists. Not one of the Twilight rabid fans, I've had very little exposure to the fledgling star beyond her appearances on TV and in the media. Overall, she's generally painted into the corner of indie-up-and-comer, part of the new generation of slightly awkward, emo-influenced celeb lites that are striking a chord with the youth of America. Not a youth, my general response to this so far has been very little beyond "whack, son!".

How can you deny the endearing innocence of this moment, though?! The klutzy, clunky, teen girl within swooned for a minute, reminding me that somewhere inside us all lies a little awkward adolescent that likes to rear its clumsy head every now and then.

Kristen Stewart, you're winning me over. Keep up the good work!

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