Sunday, May 17, 2009

Polyvore Madness

Recently, the lovely ladies of M.I.S.S asked their contributers to do a little something on Polyvore. More for the visually inclined, I initially feared using the collage-based fashion website because I consider myself to be more of a wordsmith than a master of mixed images. However, facing my fear, I logged on and found out that it was actually a lot of fun putting together items, backgrounds, and various images to form a complete layout similar to what you'd see in fashion glossies such as Vogue (ok... so maybe not Vogue, but at least I tried!). The process was a pleasure and look out for the results to debut soon on M.I.S.S. I'll probably also be setting up my own unique account, and will perhaps publish some of my devious designs on here if you all show love! 

On a side note, collage-making sites such as Polyvore remind me of the fact that a layout is pretty much just a glorified scrapbook. But I mean that in a really good way! Despite the fact that as a fashionista, you might worship the skillful shots of your favorite shoes or relish in the magnificent landscapes, keep in mind that a layout is essentially a collection of items that inspire the creative team, arranged in way that causes them to peak at visual orgasm. So while it may look incredibly difficult, I'm thankful that sites like these are helping us see that it's not as hard as we would have thought to collect our inspirations, arrange them artfully, and publish them for the visual world at large. 

Do any of you have Polyvore accounts that I can stalk? Let me know! 

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