Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Foot Fetish?

One of my favorite blogs/shopping site, NastyGalVintage, just did a profile on an interesting new trend that is giving a kick of artistic expression--quite literally-- to your favorite heels. Shoe accessories are making a comeback, from the big and bold to the small and intricate. Companies such as Boos & Besitos and Posso the Spat are paving the way for shoe jewelry such as oversized, slocuhed socks, attachable corsage tie ons, and shin guards to make a statement again. I am personally feeling this trend, as it's a fairly simple way of providing punch to an outfit, and an even simpler way of making a funky transition from day to night.

Check out a pic of my favorite shoe ornament below, and peep the rest over at NastyGal.

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