Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mirror Mirror, Who's the Fairest?

For those of you uneducated minions who are not familiar, rap superstar duo The Clipse (famous for their collaborations with... everyone! These fools guest star on tons of tracks!) recently unleashed a clothing line, entitled PlayCloths. In their third season, the line is a collection of progressive streetwear for the fellas, drawing inspiration from the "childhood notion of having clothing designated for school and play". With the release of their Summer 09 Collection, the designing duo focuses on a solid, whimsical collection of travel inspired menswear. Items such as subtly printed safari shorts, crisp checkered button-downs, and nicely tailored polos give a bit of a boost to the brand's already established collection of whimsical T's.

Taking it to the next level, though, are the accessories. The modern man is indeed fashion forward, but damn! PlayCloths is bringing the heat, with silk scarves, ostrich-inspired wallets, and a duffle bag that'd make any dope boy fresh... I'd rock this dufflebag for traveling, or just for running the streets... Peep some more detailing below, and check out the rest of the Summer collection on the PlayCloths Blog.

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  1. The misspelling, intentional or not, makes me mad at Malice and Pusha T


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