Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Own!

If there's one thing that I do consistently, and have been doing consistently since I was about 14, it's shopping. Along the way, I've picked up some pretty funky items, and some really unique pieces. I've decided to create a periodical column to share some of my best purchases with you guys, my readers, just because keeping my best purchases to myself is too boring at this stage.

Anways, first installment... I bought this vintage tooled leather purse from Screaming Mimis, near St Marks Street, in NYC. The bright, candy-colored painted on flowers combined with the intricate Aztec-esque detailed carvings on the front and under the flap really drew me to the bag, and I'm so happy it's mine!




On same said shopping trip, I also scooped up a dope pair of vintage shades at Eye Candy by Ron Caldwell. Not my first time in the tiny boutique, I always have an amazing time in there checking out the insane, off the wall vintage shoes and hats they stock--authentic-high-as-hell platforms from the 70s! pillbox Jackie O hats! The owner, an Andy Warhol coifed dude with a fantastic voice, informed me that the pair of glasses I was coppin' were the same pair (or same style at least) that Ellen Page rocked in everyone's favorite preggers teen flick, Juno. How ill! If you're ever in New York, I definitely recommend a trip to Eye Candy, just for the wildness that is bound to unfurl!


Lastly, after all that vintage scouring, I made a stop at my Secret Store and picked up this really cute woven scarf.



All in all, a good days' worth of purchases! I was pretty damned proud of myself...

I'll keep updating you guys on all the great shit I blow my hard earned money on... and I'm sorry about the bad pics, but I promise they'll get better!

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