Sunday, May 31, 2009

This Is Not A Hellz Blog!

Believe it or not, this is not a Hellz Bellz Blog. Lanie doesn't pay us. We don't even get free shit. That doesn't stop me from gushing nonsensically about the glorious designs that female streetwear heavyweight Hellz Bellz drops each and every season. 

Entitled "So Lolita", the summer collection unleashes a new round of the creative, ironic T-shirts and tanks that have become standards for Hellz each season. Evoking irreverent humor and a playful, seductive spirit, the line expands beyond Ts. Cut-and-sew pieces include volume heavy bubble minis, intricately studded vests, suspender-inspired tops, and lightweight nylon jackets. From guns and plaids, to screenprints and girlie cartoon graphics, the collection's imagery stays true to Hellz' mission to create clothing for their independent, fashion-forward, and impossibly sexy fanbase.

Shot by Broke Nipar, and modeled by her flyness Julia Vaughn, I cannot praise the lookbook enough! Kanye West is already a fan, and the collection is receiving more than positive reviews on the net, touted as another stunner straight from Hellz! Check it out in its full glory at the newly launched Hellz Bellz website, and stay tuned for stockist updates soon.

More of my favorite sneak peaks below. Enjoy! 

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